How to Design Your Home in Modern Victorian Style

Hi folks, today we are talking about how to design your home in modern Victorian style with some practical and short tips. Although vastly different from the Scandinavian and minimalist design trends that have dominated the past decade, Victorian design and decor aesthetic has consistently remained a well-loved, if ornamental, style since its inception. Although vastly different from the Scandinavian and minimalist design trends that have dominated the past decade, Victorian design and decor aesthetic has consistently remained a well-loved, if ornamental, style since its inception in the 1830s during the reign of Queen Victoria. We would like to give a start with two general but important topics to this blog.

Benefit and Use What You Have

Consider making note of which colors and patterns speak to you as well as what could honestly work in the space you’re decorating before getting started. Do you have room for large rugs? Do you already have a place for the items in your mind? The key here is to be honest about what you’re working with and working toward enhancing those features —rather than trying to force it or cramming too many details into a small space.

Reflect Your Own Personality

First of all, creating the perfect modern Victorian home is all about incorporating your own personal style with both Victorian and modern styles in a way that feels like it represents your personality. There really isn’t a wrong way to do Victorian style as long as you mix both Victorian and modern styles together in a way that you actually like.


Don’t Be Afraid of Going Bold

Go for bold colours. Victorian style also typically includes more colour than modern styles, so consider choosing rich, darker colour. Some of the best options can be blue and green

Get the Attention On the Floor

Dramatic flooring is key to getting modern Victorian style down. Consider a bold tile or dark hued flooring for maximum effect. If you’re renting or looking for a lower commitment solution, opt for a dramatic carpet or printed rug. To be more specific, highly patterned Marrakech rugs, or Montana rugs that have traditional pattern on it would be very ideal. Another option, digital printed rugs would go along. Since those digital printed rugs are machine washable at the same time, that would be a lovely bonus that will make it much easier for you to clean.


Get Help from the Nature

For instance, a modern table lamp with a natural wood base or natural fiber accessories gives the nod to the Victorians’ love of nature. Place in an eye-catching spot in the room, nature-inspired accessories will make a statement in any room in the house. Furthermore, matching that kind of table with a nature inspired rug will be a flawless finish.

Alright everyone, that’s the scene or we can call it a wrap! Hope this blog has been helpful for you.


The Best Outdoor Rugs that Will Transform Your Patio

The Best Outdoor Rugs that Will Transform Your Patio


Hey, today we’ll be talking about the best outdoor rugs that will transform your patio almost with one click. With every passing day, the sun is shining later into the evening and the weather is getting warmer. So if you’re planning to spend as much time as possible outside for the next few months, it’s high time to spruce up your outdoor space. The first order of business? A great outdoor area rug. Design pros insist that a rug is just as important outdoors as indoors. Even with the perfect outdoor design plans, packed with outdoor furniture, dreamy string lights, and a lush garden of plants, your space will still need a rug to pull it all together. The good news is that outdoor rugs are typically as affordable their indoor counterparts on our website, meaning you won’t have to drop a small fortune to complete your outdoor beauty.




Our outdoor rugs are made of durable water-resistant materials. This makes them safe for all weather conditions and surfaces like wood and stone because they don’t absorb or hold water.

It also means they’re super easy to wipe clean or even spray off with a garden hose.  You’ll first want to consider your rug’s materials. Our materials are easier to clean than others and require different types of care. Beyond basic water resistance, you should lookout for a fade-resistant UV coating that will protect the rug from sun damage. However, you won’t need to look any further to find a rug that ticks all these boxes.

Ecology Collection Outdoor Rugs in Black | 100bl

This traditional outdoor rug has an intricately detailed medallion pattern and is available in diferrent colours like this orange and blue option. It is fade, weather, and stain-resistant. It’s also one of our best seller outdoor rugs.

Ecology Collection Outdoor Rugs in Orange

This graphic outdoor rug will add a bold modern flair to your outdoor space. The pattern will add interest to any color scheme.

Magic Collection Outdoor Rugs in Cream | 3610

This large 100% polypropylene area rug will hold up to the elements for months if not years. Simply hose down the rug to clear off any dirt and debris.

Moroccan Outdoor Area Rug

In a classic Moroccan trellis print, this rug stands up beautifully in high-traffic areas.

Of course, these are some of the examples. In a nutshell, our versatile outdoor rugs are multifunctional: their colourful designs and stripes bring a refreshing variation in the gardens, patio, conservatory or even sometimes indoors. Rather than other outdoor rugs made of plastic, these rugs are more durable in any conditions thanks to 100% Polypropylene material. They are both resistant to moisture and dirt can simply be wiped clean or hose off. Actually, that’s why we call them the the best outdoor rugs that will transform your patio.

How to Decorate Your Room with Black

How to Decorate Your Room with Black

Heads up, today we are talking about how to decorate your room with black. ‘Cause it is such an interesting colour. It creates such a really special space. It is dramatic, sexy and elegant. It is always so cool to be able to decorate your space even if you don’t want to commit to a full black dark moody room. You could at least sort of play a little bit with some black accents. In this blog, I’m going to give you some of my tips on how you can decorate with black in your own home.

Paint Your Walls with Black

Sometimes people are really scared to use black on the walls which I totally understand but honestly you shouldn’t be all that scared. I know we might be sort of afraid that it’s going to draw in a space and make it feel really small. Sometimes you want a space to feel really cosy. You might want a space to feel little bit more cave like but in a good way. If so, black is really great at doing that because it draws the walls in a little bit and makes it feel really cosy. Another reason I love black in a room is that black is really good at providing contrast.  This way, you can create a gorgeous focal point. So, for example, if you happen to paint your walls in black and put a white, creamy or beige rug in your space, you will effortlessly be able to create a focal point, which will feel a lot more interesting for your room.

Match Your Blacks

What you also can do is to coordinate black colour in your space. So if you see our blog on ‘’How to Make Your Place Feel More Cohesive’’ you’ll know that rhythm and repetition in your space is really important at being able to guide your eye around the room. You can mix blacks. So, examples of that would be if you have black patterned cushions, you can mix and match them with a black patterned rug. You’ve got the lighting fixtures in a living room for another example. Even for your bathroom, you could choose a matte black faucet, towel holder, door handle and again you can match them with black rug. All these different elements together make a place feel a lot more cohesive. 

Use Black Accents

Next tip for you is to consider adding black but through different textures that you wouldn’t otherwise expect. Because I know some people can be extremely nervous of using the black all around the room. So, these tips might be really helpful for you if you are also one of them. So, I think you can bring black in a lot more of a textual way.  Because sometimes, black like white can sometimes feel a little flat and a little bit sort of one dimensional. Once you add on different textures, you’re starting to create a lot more aspects. Summary of this bit would be, you don’t necessarily need to use the black as the main colour. However, you can bring the black scattered in small pieces on different options. This means you can get a black & white coloured rug again: or instead of painting your wall completely in black, you can add black accents or moulding on it. Thus, it just makes it look a lot more dynamic and a lot more interesting again. But don’t limit yourself with cushions, curtains or paints only. You can even get black electronical devices which will look complementary. At the end of the day, you will have created a very cohesive look in your space.