4 Tips For Buying the Perfect Rug


Hello everyone,

Today we will talk about what we should pay attention to before buying a rug because it may be kind of struggle to decide and pick up one as we know it will probably change the whole vibe and ambiance of your home hence your mood as well, because what you see in where you live is also connected to your mood!

While are unfortunately ending the summer and leading towards a new season, which is a different energy, you may want to redecorate your home and add some changes. In this transition, we want to make it a little bit easier for you to narrow down those results so you can easily pick something for your space.

So, here we go! 🍀

#1 ‑ Style

For this one, you need some inspiration whether it’s from a magazine, our Instagram account or Pinterest. When I say inspiration, I’m not talking about sitting on a chair and trying to design your whole room from a scratch but you should figure out what your taste is and what kind of style you want when you are looking up for beautiful spaces.

To be more specific, you can pick or save 2‑3 images and try to see what’s in common between these photos and what’s consistent. Is that the colour, style or something about the material? Are there any patterns there or are they solid?

When you spot these details, you will already have an important clue about your style and what you might be looking for! 🧡


#2 – Sizing

There are different sizes and even shapes when you are picking your rug.
And they always say bigger is better. Try to maximize that rug while still giving your room a little bit of breathing space 🌬 You should have a little bit of floor showing underneath the rug but ‘’maximizing’’ is the key!

If you’re still unsure about what size you want, you can go to our website, click on any product and scroll down little bit, find the size guide and see how that size will look.


#3 – Material

There are lots of information about it but in a nutshell, polyester rugs are perfect for indoors. For your entrance or living room, if you think it’s high traffic area or you have kids or pets, you may want to gravitate towards polyester rugs. Because they are family, kids and pet friendly and perfect for washability and cleaning and the last but not the least, in this kind of high traffic areas you can also go for anti‑slip rugs to maximize the efficiency while they are already looking beautiful.

For bedrooms, it actually depends on what you have on your floor. If you have hard wood, you can do anything. However, if you already have a carpet, you may want to gravitate for fluffier selections that have fringes to create an effortless contrast in your bedroom.


#4 – Shopping

Where you will shop from is as important as what you’ll purchase. Especially if you’ll shop online, does that brand have next‑day delivery, affordable prices for high quality and longevity products? Or do they have completely free returning policy?

I guess I know a company that exactly ticks all the boxes ✅

If you know what I mean… 😇


Mini Modern Garden Updates

Hello everyone, I hope everyone’s had a lovely weekend so far! While we are about to see off the weekend, here we are with a mini weekend read that will energize your garden as we are still able to enjoy in spite of inconsistent weather conditions and dark clouds 🙈

Let’s start 🙌🏻

Global Influences 🌍

 There are some basic but also unique designs that we can see anytime and anywhere; and these designs literally never go out of style. It’s called “Global Influences”. Probably most of us are quite familiar with these patterns though. It will be of course “diaper pattern” 🧡


Breezy Blues 🧜🏻‍♂️

You can update your outdoors space with breezy blues. This kind of outdoor rugs create a beautiful scenery especially if you have wooden garden furniture and a relaxed coastal style.


Add Bright Accents

Draw attention by using a standout colour. It’s a great way of creating a focus point in the gardens. Since the colour is eye catching enough, plain and non‑patterned models would be enough but according to your taste, you can of course splash colours and patterns! 🌟😍


The Signs You Need A New Outdoor Rug


Ecology is the new black!
Are you feeling like everything is okay but something’s off or it feels kind of plain when you look at your garden? Do you wanna add some spice or colour into it but don’t know where to start? Here, we got you! The chances are you might need a new outdoor rug 🌞Let’s have a look at the options quickly!

Summer Stripes

I think stripes would be a good start. Not only in home decoration but also in fashion and accessories, stripes are getting popular. Stripes are probably one of the patterns and trends that we’ve seen in many decades but never get old.


Bold Contrasts

Crisp, clean lines and bright block colours are offset by rich textiles and shapely pieces for a sophisticated and modern look. Soft beige and white make a vibrant combination.
You still have time to catch these ones before they are out of stock like the other ones 🧡


Modern & Minimalist

These non‑patterned options will be an easy and soft alternative to feature your garden or “zone‑out” space.


Why, as The Rugs family, do we rock?

In today’s blog, we wanted to go with a slightly different topic rather than product or ‘’inspirations’’ based blogs and we wanted to talk about some of our brands’ characteristics.

Okay, let’s be honest, every brand is important and unique for themselves no matter what sector it is in. But when you have a look in a bigger perspective, there are some obvious things that we would like to talk about and remind about our young and dynamic company. Because customer satisfaction is at least as important as some numeric values 😇

Actually, I can count many reasons for that but not to take too long, I will keep them short and tidy.


Fast Delivery (like really fast…)

No doubt, now we are all shopping online and hands down, one of the most satisfying and exciting sides of shopping online is receiving that parcel you’re impatiently waiting for and UNPACKING! 🎁

In these cases, you quite naturally don’t want to wait for days or weeks, you want to receive it as soon as possible.

The Rugs would like to introduce ‘’Next Day Delivery”

If you are living in the mainland UK and order during the week, be ready, hurry up and open up some space for your new focal point! It will be in your hands or on the ground next day! 🏡


Unique Products

As well as being unique, they are really affordable at the same time but we never compromise on the quality and we are ready to meet your specific expectations.

Looking for a non‑slip rug?

✔️ Here we are

Is your home crowded with kids and babies, your rug gets dirty quickly and you need an easy‑to‑clean rug?

✔️ Our machine washable rugs are definitely what you need.

Do you have a furry friend and are you cautious of their health?

✔️ That’s pretty understandable and it sounds like what our pet‑friendly rugs can sort out 🐶

As I said earlier, I can probably list many more things but in a nutshell this is who we are and what we do 🤓

Please feel free to share your reviews with us 🧡


How to Create A Perfect Garden

Ironically, the weather conditions should allow us to do that. 👻 However, if we suppose everything is eventually fine and we are allowed to do that, any change to your garden can be quite transformative

We made some research for you, read blogs and experts because we want to get you covered with some creative and practical tips not only on the rugs but also with accessories you might use!

What colour outdoor rug should I choose?

As the name is pretty self‑explanatory, a garden is an outside place and actually should focus on planting. So, at this point different options emerge.

Garden furniture trends this summer tends to be natural materials such as wood or bamboo. To be able to design with your accessories and garden furniture, black or darker colours can be the easiest option, which I agree looks totally beautiful.

But as we mentioned before, we all know that these long‑lasting restrictions made us seek the interior designers living inside us so why not go for a different option this time.

I mean, when you imagine a garden full of greeneries or a pathway leading you into the seating area, an opposite coloured rug would probably create a beautiful scenery as well as the darker ones.

Plus, if you are trying to make your outdoor living area feel inviting and cosy, keep everything neutral. That is to say, choose your furniture and add personality and colour with things such as rug, lighting and other textiles 🧡


Take your time and think long term 🤔

Seasons come and go, there’s no doubt about it, and choosing a rug might look like a small detail. But there are a few things to consider.
How will you be using your garden? Will you keep the same decoration for the future or change it? Or you may have a child or pet factor.
In these cases, the rug you will choose should have all the versatility it takes. It means as much as it should look beautiful, it should be durable, easy to clean, not‑stinky and be compatible with your decoration updates.

Of course, the outdoor rug you need should not be this complex if you are searching at the right place! 😍

201858905_235418301417365_7397537133163497854_n (1)

As Effective as Possible 💯

Probably, one of the main factors is also the size of our garden. It is our both social space and private spot at the same – hence we should use it as effectively as possible to enjoy the summer and bask in the sun. As we previously talked about it, if it’s big enough, creating a ‘’zone out’’ space will inevitably look beautiful. Here, we can use even different options of rugs to design a zone as if we are mixing up the materials. If you’d like to create more interest, give each zone a little mystery with plants. Then, you will see how your garden will surprise you.



Today we will talk about our brand new collections you probably don’t know you need this summer. (It’s already summer, isn’t?)

It’s no doubt that they are going to turn your home into more unique place and give it a stylish look with the easy and simple style tips. 🌞

Our first gem is Montana Collection:

If you are following us on Instagram (I hope you are) – you must have seen on our stories and posts that Montana Collection is here this summer with even more selections to steal vintage lovers’ hearts again!

The very good thing about the latest Montana Collection is that you can literally ‘’paint your room’’ with it! I mean if you have a plain room that lacks architectural details, you can throw a Montana onto the ground and that’s it! Thanks to Montana’s slightly dark colours, you can easily create a contrast at a glance and that will be one of the easiest way to create a focal point in your room. That boring and cold vibe which feels like something is missing is gone!

montana collection - vintage rugs
What’s next?

The next brand new collection is of course Marrakech Collection! Personally, I believe Marrakech range is a beautiful mixture of different notions such as Moroccan designs, vintage vibes, pastel shades and even modern look. Somehow, if you need or fancy a rug mixture of all these things, now at least you got the answer, and it will definitely give that ‘’designer-look’’ ambiance effortlessly. Additionally, if you want to celebrate the summer by popping in some exotic prints, Marrakech is here to help again. Especially for those who have a room in a neutral scheme colour, adding a few perkier patterns, leafy designs and tropical bloom will enhance the summery vibes.

Extra Tip 💡: You can start using the exotic prints with your rug and keep going with the lampshades and cushions to strengthen this bold accent.

marrakech collection
One and Only Outdoor Collection: Ecology 🌴

As I check the best sellers and most popular ones of Ecology, it’s safe to say colourful designs, stripes and geometric shapes are still quite trendy this summer. Right off the bat please let me say these outdoor beauties will be your saver thanks to their weather-proof, UV protected and easy to clean nature.

The functionality is hands down one of the most versatile one! In addition to a classic design where you put your outdoor rug and center the design and gatherings around it, you can create a few different options as follows:

First 🥇 : You can zone your outside space. For instance, you can divide your garden into smaller zones for lounging, cooking and dining activities. You can easily use a corner of your garden to create a natural divide and complete that zone with a beautiful Ecology rug, seating, tubs and plants.

Second 🥈: More specifically, you can decorate the garden with warmer whites and pastel shades. Choosing a warm and pastel shaded outdoor rug with a matt finish will help it feel cosier, it will again create a contrast with the greeneries in your garden and even balance the effects of sunlight exposure.

That’s all today! We have listed all the brand new collections we thought you might need for your lovely houses.

Please don’t forget to share reviews with us 🧡


Set the scene for summer parties! ⛱

Let’s raise our glasses to long summer days and warm evenings and the chance to finally get together with friends and families.

No matter you are outdoor or indoor this summer.


We know we couldn’t help saying every time but our one and only outdoor collection is more than enough to cherish and garnish the gardens. As we previously said, especially for those of us who will prefer to do ‘’staycation’’ this summer, we couldn’t think of a better option.

Additionally, classic or playful, bold or subtle, this season’s stripes on fabrics or rugs is a style hero.

204769518_1130128290818676_275921641534275017_n (1)

On the hunt for affordable design?

When you see any rug that has a “designer” vibe, you might suppose they are going to be comparatively expensive. Here, we step in! If you will be indoor this summer enjoying long‑awaited summer with your loved ones, Marrakech collection, celebrating the classic form and avant garde colours all in once, can be the right choice for indoors. If you are saying you love a traditional home home but contemporary details can be so exciting, Marrakech will help you incorporate both 🧡

These beauties will make your home look expensive without the big spend thanks to their unique designs and eye catching colours.

The prices will be the great deal. 💯

marrakech collection

Style Update: Montana

You can also update your indoor space with breezy blues backed with sift greys or pearly whites. Give your space a year‑round glam with traditional theme featuring. Either you fancy a fun house bursting with colours and energy or a house which has softer touches, crisp and clean lines, bright and block colours of Montana will define your home and shape into a more sophisticated look. 💙

vintage rugs

Game Changers | Vintage Rugs and more

As summer is coming, from vintage rugs to more inspiration ideas in our minds are exploding and we obviously can’t wait to share them all with you because as we share and create it makes us feel happier  😎

This time we are listing the some of the rugs that have never gone and will go out of style.

Other than that, lockdown restrictions made most of us seek the interior designers, craftsmen and stylists living inside us. With these mini clever tricks, you can be your own stylist. So, when we assume we might be supposed to spend our summer in or homes, we naturally might want to go more unique and stylish in our houses and here are some of the ideas popped up in our minds.

Vintage Rugs

First concept in our blog is unsurprisingly Vintage Rugs. Being called “old‑fashioned” has never been cooler before. Out of many things we can list here, if you fancy a unique yet approachable habitat, the answer is quite obvious and simple. While speaking of Vintage, a nostalgic beaded, floral or repetitive patterns splashed all over may appear in your mind. However, besides that, the other think you should think of how versatile and actually easy they are to combine with. For instance, you combine earthy hues. What does that mean?

Instead of using one colour on the floor, you can go for a multi‑coloured, earthy or blue toned vintage rugs. Shades that sit side by side naturally outdoors like green, grey and brown etc. will effortlessly work in harmony indoors, as well.

Vintage Rugs in a nutshell:

✅ Unique look

✅ Easy to combine

✅ Good mixture of different colours

Bonus: Extremely affordable on the‑rugs.com 😎

A beautiful duality: Old & New

What do we mean by that? I don’t know if you have seen our latest collection yet but Marrakech collection probably would be the best example for it. You might think they are similar to vintage rugs we mentioned above but, at least to me, they have a slightly different texture in them, a mixture of ‘’aged look’’ and energetic colours. If you want to preserve the classic and present decoration of your room but want to improve it with a contemporary design, this collection has all it takes! They provide a seamless connection, as the phrase goes, with their rusty looks but energetic colours. It has a softness in its design because of the natural patterns and materials used. It’s airy and the cool colours make it feel so tranquil wherever you put it!


Style Update ‑ A new approach to modernism: Scandi Touches

Heatwave of summer is already hitting well. Fortunately, these game changing but easy to reach modern rugs are a way to cool off the heat. We’ve always talked about minimal shapes or abstract designs but this time let’s have a look on different perpective of Scandinavian models; Tile Styled Rugs.

The thing with the geometric choices is that we mostly go back and forth between asymmetrical or square shapes. So we are delighted to talk about our tile‑like styled rugs in our Gustavo Collection for quick changes. First of all, you will love how natural forms they capture with radiant colours and consistent forms. These geometric designs add an eye‑catching element to any space, without drawing attention away from the decor. This geometric rug combines cubes, vibrant colours to give a 3D look, bring cosiness and floor space that makes the eyes dance.

These colours can open up space, making your room look bigger, brighter and cleaner with their bright combining tones. They can go with almost any colour scheme. As well as providing a canvas for those decorating their interiors, they will bring cosiness to your rooms.

Heroic Rugs and Details


We have shortlisted any hero rugs and details you might need this summer! Give your room and house a boost with these heroic, simple but cool looking details.

The list can go and on so we tried to collect our favourites and most trendy details for you. 😻

Fringe Details

Probably when you think of fringes, a wintery image and cool breezes may appear in your mind because of the thick and dense texture of fringes. However, with the fashion and trends also in home decoration shifting fast, now it is the time to break this opinion. Just like contrasting colours, contrasting themes and pieces are on the verge of being popular. (Believe us, because we search through magazines and blogs for you 🥰)

Using these tufty beauties in your living room this summer will help you create a soft appearance in the room and it will make you go glam with just one click!

Bonus Trick 💡 : Even if your seating area is not quite wide, especially using a white fringed rug will make it look bigger and brighter since it will reflect the sunlight comparably better. 🤍

fringe details

Tropical Fantasy aka Summer Meadow🌿💚

It may not be a surprise for you to see tropical theme on this list but we couldn’t help including it. Besides looking elegant and unique, these hero rugs and details will help you create restful ambiance with the rugs depicting colourful wildflowers and swaying leaves.

Don’t some details make you really feel the summer is here? I think tropical details are one of those details.

Regarding your furniture, contemporary scheme, soft curves, plush textures or dusky tones – versatility of the of these tropical rugs will easily be compatible with all these different details.

Even in your home, use your imagination, feel closer to nature and create your habitat! 🌿

Global Patterns

There are of course some hero rugs and details that we see everywhere and anytime but never get old or out of style. They can be some geometric shapes, vintage patterns, combination of colours or repeating details.

So why not use them around the house then? While it’s still not clear whether or not we will able to travel or we will have to do ‘’staycation’’ , we should get the best of our houses this summer.

Make it work for you & make your room light and bright : Calm colours, clean lines and sleek styling create a relaxed feel and effortlessly cool vibe. Is there anything you can ask for more from a rug? 🤔 I guess, not.

Furthermore, your options with these “Global Patterns” are actually various.

Depending on your taste, you can design a Nordic or a Vintage Look and even more!


Abstract Shapes

While you may be more familiar with the terms geometric shapes in relation to design, you probably see abstract shapes around you every day. The icons we see in web design, our phones and in street signs are abstract shapes that we are quite used to seeing and can easily recognize. This is the main goal behind these shapes, which is to impress you and stay in your mind!

If so, dress your home to impress yourself and your loved ones! Keep your ground looking fresh with the abstract shapes and revive the energy inside it.

No matter where you use it, it will transform your home with its modern finishes. Combining an abstract shaped rug with single or soft coloured curtains and furniture will shift all the eyes onto the rug and this way you’ll easily have created a focal point.

outdoor rugs

Ecology: New Outdoor Collection

Ecology: New Outdoor Rugs Collection


First things first, before we dive in let’s start the guide with a styling trick for the outdoor rugs. Because our goal is not only to provide you beautiful rugs but also to give you tricks on how to combine and create the appearance you’ve imagined.


No matter how big or small your garden is. An outdoor rug  adds colour and helps you create a defined area within the garden itself, which will give a lounge vibe in the comfort of your own home.


We all know it’s been a summer we are looking forward for. We deserve to spoil ourselves with the summer just around the corner. Additionally, we believe we sometimes shouldn’t have to go further than our lovely gardens to enjoy the summer breeze and appreciate the sunlight.  Hoping these rainy days will come to an end soon, we are extremely excited to introduce our new collection!


What is Ecology?


Ecology: Our new outdoor collection brings vibrant colours, unique details and cool patterns together with itself. Rather than other outdoor rugs made of plastic, these rugs are more durable in any conditions thanks to it’s material. Furthermore, It is weather-proof and UV protected. So it does not smell under changing weather conditions and colours will not fade in the sun.


In a nutshell, you can embrace summer and just enjoy in your garden with the pets running around, kids playing, friends celebrating or definitely all alone by yourself without a hesitation.


And if you wish to create a ‘’hangout space’’ in your home, starting from the ground and decorating the garden with an outdoor rug is probably the best option to start with. Thanks to that, you will be able to create a family-friendly outdoor living space full of exotic vibes.


The key point is if you especially have limited area, planning is critical to maximising the efficiency, comfort and joy. These stylish but inexpensive rugs offer you an easy way to decorate. So you will spend your time thanks to their colours and designs.


Whatever you desire, bohemian decoration or an energetic environment, you can make it work for you.

Start or finish it with an Ecology!