Best Outdoor Rugs of 2022

Hey there! Today, we will be talking about outdoor rugs, I don’t mean to brag but I guess we might have the best outdoor rugs of 2022 in the UK! ‘Cause we tick all the boxes in terms of design, price & performance, material and durability, etc. And choosing the best outdoor rug for your space is important no matter it’s a small balcony or a big garden. I know it’s still January but aren’t we all missing the summer and sunlight already? Then, let’s talk about what outdoor patio rugs you might need for the approaching summer.

Best Outdoor Rugs of 2022: Find Your Style

Firstly, it’s important to know your know style. Are you casual, modern or traditional? Because you should definitely consider your outdoor the same way you consider designing your interior spaces. Outdoor garden rugs don’t have to be boring and plain. More importantly, depending on your taste and style, your outdoor rugs will also vary. Consider whether you want to keep it all one style. I mean you can combine all your garden furniture and rug together. On the other side, you can mix and match! For instance, you can have a piece of furniture that has floral or leafy cushions and you can mix it with a striped outdoor rug. Another example is you can have a piece of bamboo or wooden furniture in cream hues and you can combine it with a cream outdoor rug. That’s totally up to your imagination.

Best Outdoor Rugs of 2022: Why Outdoor Rugs are Important

In recent years, outdoor design has been as important as indoor design as we started spending much more time in our homes compared to other years. And let’s accept it, relaxing and spending time at home is not as bad as we thought it is at the first place 🙈 So that means outdoor rugs and furniture aren’t just trivial things that you keep stacked up in the garage and have to haul out every summer anymore. Now, you can find beautiful pieces that you leave out (e.g these black and white outdoor rugs or these blue outdoor rugs) and you can enjoy them for months. I don’t mean to sound like I’m making up but in different accounts on social media, I’ve seen some people using their outdoor rugs also at their indoor spaces after the summer fades away. (Seriously…)


Get to Know the Trends of 2022

Pastel Colours & Natural Materials

Probably it’s a widely known fact that natural materials in gardens have been a big hit. Especially for environmental reasons, people are mostly going for natural materials like wood, rattan or bamboo. If you are one of these people surrounding their garden with these materials, adding a finishing touch with the pastel colours of Ecology Collection will be a gooood match 😍 This combination will make your space feel warmer.

Warm Colours

Like the last year, also in 2022, we will see warmer colours again not only indoors but also at outdoor spaces. Because they are pretty much inviting and relaxing. For instance, colours like beige can create a sleek design and a cosy feeling.


Bold Statement Patterns

Outdoor spaces sometimes need some bold statements as well to create a focal point. It creates authenticity, interest and breaks up with the monotony of furniture and décor. And honestly, I will have to say having a patterned outdoor rug is the easiest and probably most affordable way to create that focal point in your space. This is a fundamental trick to make your place shine effortlessly. Patterns help establish energy in all spaces giving movement and dimension. Some of the trending patterns are Morrocan, geometric and border shapes. The key here is to combine these patterns carefully though. If you have plain or natural material garden furniture as mentioned above, you can add some colour and spice with these patterns.

Black Accents

 Alright, the last but definitely not the least trend we would like to talk about is Black. In recent years, especially matte black has caught the eyes of interior designer lovers. In order to keep up with the rhythm and style of our interiors, it’s no surprise that this trend has now taken over the exterior spaces. Matte black looks spectacular combined with organic shapes. Also, if you have concrete, stone and wood areas in your garden, these black accents will be your savior. Other than that, with your greeneries and green objects around, you will be easily able to create a strong contrast with the black shades 😎

Black Accents

Personalize Your Space

The reason is there are so many options with outdoor rugs now as we have mentioned above. You can go for a round outdoor rug or you can find yourself searching “outdoor trellis rug” on Google 👩🏼‍💻 Other than these ones, personalizing and knowing your space is important because the next and as important step will be deciding on the colour and size of your outdoor patio rugs. Outdoor rugs have come a long way. You have lots of choices in colours and patterns.


Soooo, that’s all today everyone! Hopefully, we have been helpful to you if you are already looking for some inspiration to design your outdoor space.

Cheers 🎉

Five Life-saver Steps in Wall Decoration

For a decoration enthusiast, this blog, Five Life-saver Steps in Wall Decoration can’t be more helpful and the walls of a space are just a blank canvas waiting to be filled in creatively! But decorating a wall is not as easy as it seems. has determined 5 steps for you to follow in wall decoration.

For a decoration enthusiast, the walls of a space are just a blank canvas waiting to be filled in creatively! But decorating a wall is not as easy as it seems. has determined 5 steps for you to follow in wall decoration.

1) Determine your Colour Palette

When designing your walls, be sure to use your wall colour; take into account the main colour theme of your furniture and the contrast look you want to see on your walls. Otherwise, the pieces that you hang on your wall just because you like the colour / shape – which are actually stylish and stylish in themselves – may get lost due to the inconsistency of colours.

For example, white or neutral colour walls and a black metal modern wall art create a nice contrast. As in this example.

2) Do not Ignore the Issue of Ratio

Unfortunately, one of the most common mistakes made when decorating a wall is using the wrong proportions. This mistake causes giant wallboards to be hung on the walls of small rooms as well as resulting in the use of small and insufficient wall accessories on the walls of large rooms. However, when decorating the house, we need to apply the same rule in wall decoration as we proportion the furniture according to the size of the room.

You should use wall decorations that are suitable for the size of your living room walls. Choosing compositions that are suitable for the decoration style prevailing in your home and that have a story in themselves will make your walls look magnificent without much effort. Here, you can use a single piece of décor suitable for large walls, or you can make use of multiple pieces. A single piece of big wooden wall art can fit your living room perfectly, like this.

Or you can turn to options consisting of more than one piece for large walls: just like this.

The same model can also be used for kitchen wall decorations. It is a model where simplicity is at the forefront for those who want to add a natural touch in their kitchens. Adding a different atmosphere with the use of geometric patterned tiles on the kitchen wall, the harmony between the wall décor and the kitchen is at the highest level.

3) Do not Ignore the Possibility of Asymmetry and Curvature

Especially if you are designing a gallery wall, there is one important thing you need to do before picking up a few nails with a hammer: Measure the points where you will drive the nails. You can use a tape measure/ruler to do this, or you can take measurements with the help of a spirit level. Even if the gallery wall design you will make is asymmetrical, not paying enough attention to the parallelism of the parts may prevent you from getting the impressive result you expect.

4) Do not use simple wall stickers

If you have more than enough empty walls and you are looking for a simple way to make them look full and stylish, do not resort to simple wall stickers that look cheap! It can be an economical wall decoration option for children’s / baby rooms. However, no one wants an unappealing image. Instead, you can use the high-energy lotus, which reflects deep energy, to look at when you feel low and you need some inspiration. As an outdoor wall decoration; you can use this lotus on your garden wall, too.

You can check for more affordable wall décors.

5) Do not choose the wrong wall clock

Do not simply say “After all, the wall clock is useful for learning the time”; because a carelessly chosen wall clock can ruin the job in an instant. When choosing a wall clock, it should be compatible with other wall panels and wall art if possible. Opt for a neutral and minimalist design whenever feasible. Otherwise, your walls may appear runny and tiring for the eyes. You can check dozens of wall clock models here. Do not forget to check the related articles on our blog for our suggestions about wall clocks.

And that’s a wrap! The blog of Five Life-saver Steps in Wall Decoration ends here. We hope it’s been helpful for you.

Colour Trends of 2022

Hey, today we are talking about the colour trends of 2022. Without making it too long or complicating, we’ve listed the trend colours that you can use all over your home and space. Shortly, we’ve tried to give you some clues for how you can combine these colours with different materials and other colours as well.

Colour Trends of 2022: Green

One of the first on the list is probably one of the favourites, which is green! Green is mostly seen as the colour of nature, healing and positivity. As human beings, we are accustomed to seeing it in large quantities. So, placing a green rug on your floor might also have a light and soothing effect. Since green is the colour of nature, you can get inspired to create an entire colour palette for any room. When using a green rug, you can actually pair these green tones with warm neutrals and materials like wood and golden details. If you’d like to create a contrast, black accents and details around the room will be helpful for you.


Colour Trends of 2022: Grey & Dark Grey

The second colour is grey & dark grey. If your living room has a contemporary, minimalist or Scandinavian ambience, this colour can be quite complementary. Grey is elegant and dramatic but before using this colour, you want to ensure you have a good amount of lighting or natural light. Since it’s a neutral colour, we have several choices to combine depending on your living room style. If you are desiring to create a minimalist or Scandinavian look, you can use grey or dark grey and use a monochromatic colour scheme. Also, neutral tones such as white or beige can be helpful for you. Collaborating with woody and natural materials and greeneries will enhance the effect of this colour and boost the aesthetic in your space.


Colour Trends of 2022: Timeless White

Alright then, let’s continue with the next colour. It’s of course the timeless white! If we are talking about colours and for instance if you consider renewing your living room, we can’t skip white. Probably it’s one of the most versatile and flexible colours. If you are using white in your space, it doesn’t be dull and cold. To warm the ambience and create an elegant contrast with white, you might want to use neutrals black and wooden materials again. Another way to create a colour palette using white is by pairing it with your favourite colour to create an accent. You can have a white rug and surround your rug with your favourite colour or shade.

This way, you can create a beautiful contrast with your pillows, furniture or curtain etc.



The next one, which is also the last but not the least is blue. Like green, blue has a calming effect. It’s also very easy to combine with different colours and styles. Since it’s the colour of nature as well, blue never goes out of style. Blue is a versatile hue that can move from dark and moody to soft. It’s an ideal colour for traditional and bohemian design. If you are looking for a glam and elegant look, darker blues might be a good choice for you. Combining them with materials such as velvet and golden materials will effortlessly create an “expensive look”

Alright, folks! It’s all for today again. We really hope the blog of Colour Trends for 2022

has been helpful for you.


How to Decorate Boho with Colours

Introduction to Boho Style

So, today we’re talking about how to decorate Boho with colours.  What the boho style is about or talking about tips to achieve that look in your own home will be covered.

So buckle in let’s start talking about Boho. This style is really defined by being unconventional. This is the style that breaks the rules, this is the style that emulates nomadic life where you travel and you pick up different trinkets and pieces from your from your travels and on your journey in life. You sort of really incorporate that into your space. It is a very personal design style and it’s really like by definition very eclectic. Let’s go over some of the benefits of the style. I think the first one is it usually doesn’t have to be but it is a bit colourful. As much as I see on social media or blogs, some of you really don’t love the fact that colourful notion. A lot of interior design over the last decade or so has been really favouring neutrals.


How to Decorate Boho with Colours: What are the benefits of Boho?

People like really clean white kitchens. Grey has been really popular and people have been like where is the colour? You know what? If you love colour and you love the energetic pop of colour in your space and you want to see all these colours play off each other, Boho is a really great way to do it. So, by using this kind of design style, some of the principles we talk about bringing them together you can play and have a lot of fun with colours. So if you love colour and the style might be good for you. Another advantage of boho, it’s super eclectic, fun and casual. It’s very homey and feels comfortable and I think if you want to have a lot of fun with your design style, I think you really like Boho.

And the third benefit of Boho is that it’s very personal. It really reflects the person that lives there.

Because sometimes some design styles can feel a bit manufactured and Boho style does not! It feels very individual to the person.


How to Decorate Boho with Colours: How to Create Boho Colour Palette

This design style loves colours. It’s a way that you can bring random colours together and sort of break some of the conventional rules and it still looks cohesive. In fact, you can be as colourful as you want to be. You can use green, you can go for gold details or blues. However, you don’t have to use these big rich beautiful colours. That’s kind of the classic boho we all think of. You can also use muted tones like beige or soft whites. That means you can also create a neutral space unlike what we talked about above. Also by going black and white, you can create a masculine look. That’s totally up to your imagination.

So for today, that’s all folks! We tried to explain how to design boho with colours and what colours you should use! Hopefully, it’s been helpful for you.

How to Decorate Small Spaces and Rooms

In this blog, we will talk about how to decorate small space and rooms briefly. Then, let’s carry on 😍

How to Decorate Small Spaces and Rooms: Tip #1

Don’t be afraid of dark colours or don’t be afraid of sort of saturated colours. When you go with darker or more saturated colours, you are creating space that’s looking more interesting and deeper actually. And don’t forget to add some lights to your space if you can. This way, your efforts will pay off and you will have created a moody and eye-catching ambiance. So first that needs to be said, don’t be afraid of going dark. You don’t have to paint your walls in white or scatter white items all over your room. That would be the classic way. However, you might want to go more authentic and creative.

How to Decorate Small Spaces and Rooms: Tip #2

Let your room breathe. It means giving some space around the furniture pieces to allow for the movement of people. In most small spaces, they tend to look really cluttered when furniture pieces start knocking against each other. Because small spaces look smaller when they are too cluttered. I’m not saying you have to be minimalist although that can be one route to go and create a more breathing space. What I mainly mean is you should be more mindful when choosing the right size items for your room.


Tip #3

Get the right-sized rug. If you have a rug that is way too small, that’s the case I’m seeing in small spaces though, it will make your space feel even smaller. What you might want to avoid is having that rug in the center of your room that’s maybe just got the coffee table on it but it doesn’t have any of the furniture legs on it, that’s definitely a no-go! That’s not how you should style your rug. One of the best things you should do, you actually have a couple of good options I would say:

Number 1: Having all of the furniture legs on your rug. That is a great option. However, that might be harder to do in smaller spaces. If you have a small space, what you should do is putting the front two legs of your furniture on the rug. So you’ve maybe got half the furniture on the rug. I believe that’s a good compromise. So that would be our number 2 option.

The first option here would probably be more if useful if you had a bigger space but not so practical in a small space. However, you don’t go too small with the rug even if you have a small space. So, having a normal-sized rug according to your room’s size and having the second solution is a good option.

That’s all, folks. The blog “How to Decorate Small Spaces and Rooms” hopefully has been helpful for you.

How to Choose the Ideal Rug For Your Room

In today’s blog, we will be delving into the topic of “How to Choose the Ideal Rug For Your Room” Christmas and New Year excitement are right around the corner. So if you’re longing for a new rug or changing your decoration, let’s jump into the blog! 😎


How to Choose the Ideal Rug For Your Room: Design Style

Although you can go eclectic and pull sort of different things together which can be super interesting and create a signature look for yourself, it’s important to know there are also different design styles for rugs So, you’ve got vintage, minimalist, traditional, maximalist, contemporary and many more. Understanding those different styles is going to really impact which rug you are probably going to end up choosing. So, if you are going for a Japandi style in your room, maybe you will need to stay away from very vivid and bright coloured rugs. For this case, you could go for more natural and earthy colours and hues.

If you are going for a modern rug, you might want to go for geometric shaped rugs with bright colours and strong contrast. At the end of the day, we should be mindful of design styles. There’s so much room here to play together with your personality and taste. Also, as I’ve mentioned above, you can mix different styles together, which I personally always find interesting. However, what I advise is, if you are kind of new to styling and interior design world, you might want to stick to a specific or a couple of styles. Because that rug will definitely set the tone for the rest of your room and furniture.

How to Choose the Ideal Rug For Your Room: Material

Alright, let’s talk about material as well. Firstly, you should think about where these rugs are going. For instance, if you are looking for a rug for a high traffic area such as your kids’ room, entryway or living room, etc, I would probably go for something like a polypropylene rug.

These rugs are very durable and washable. You know that these rugs are of course going to get dirty. So you want to be able to wash them regularly and easily and you don’t want to replace those rugs over and over again. In those high-traffic areas, choosing a delicate rug wouldn’t be super useful for you.



No matter what they say but when it comes to rugs, size really matters baby 😎 So, when it comes to picking out the size rug for your space, first of all, get a rug big enough to accommodate all the furniture. However, it should not be so big that’s going to sort of bump into the edges of your wall. You are going want to a little bit of space around the edges of your rug. So that it’s not completely wall-to-wall. But you want to make sure it is able to accommodate all the different furniture pieces. Keep in mind that, if you’re especially living in an apartment flat, you can put the front two legs of your furniture on the then have the back two legs off of it. This half-on half-off solution is really good for sort of smaller spaces.

Bonus: Have fun with the rugs!

Aren’t rugs like an art piece? It’s like another art piece of art that you’re putting on your floor that’s going to help ground your space. Some options to having fun, you can use them as wall décor. I’ve seen that and that can look really cool 😍 Also, you can start layering rugs.

Actually that’s totally up to you and your imagination. Because that place is where you live and create some space for fun and colours. Reflect your personality and don’t be afraid to add some spice from yourself!



We are here again with another potential and the coolest design trend of 2022. Since Christmas and New Year Eve are coming really fast, maybe we couldn’t even think what the trends might be in 2022, but we are here to get you covered 👯

The Coolest Design Trends of 2022: Minimalism

The first design style I think is going to be popular is “Warm Minimalism

Minimalism is a style trend that is actually not that new. It has been trendy for recent years. So we don’t have to do deep searching on social media or blogs to live that minimalist life. The minimalism we are talking about in this blog and we will see in 2022 will have warmer and more earthy colours compared to cool and plain tones of the minimalism that we know. However, what we are going to see forward is a warmer version of minimalism 🧡

So this is actually in line with the colour trends! We must have seen over the internet people’s colour palettes tend to go into a warmer direction compared to the previous years instead of whites. We are still seeing still in minimalist styles, things are very curated and intentional in what you are bringing into your home. However, we are seeing them in a much warmer colour. So, you should still keep the colour palette fairly monochromatic. It’s going to feel quite neutral because again you want to create kind of a serene calm space in a minimalist style ideally. But that colour palette is going to be a lot warmer than we have seen in the past 🥰


The Coolest Design Trends of 2022: Maximalism

Alright, the next design style that I think is going to be really popular is Maximalism 🦄

I’ve just mentioned that we have had many years of minimalism being kind of very popular and aesthetic although I don’t think minimalism is going away. Maximalism is sort of a response to minimalism. A lot of people are finding that minimalism just isn’t for them. They might want something that has a lot more personality, that is a lot more representative of who they are. They desire a lot more storytelling involved. You are seeing a lot more personality and personal goods brought into the home.

Now, important to say maximalism doesn’t just mean that you will have a hot mess. It actually doesn’t work that way. The rules should still apply 😇 It should feel curated, cohesive and functional! To give you an exact example, as much I see, maximalist spaces that look successful and aesthetic are the ones that sort of mix some vintage pieces. However, it’s mixed with some contemporary pieces at the same time.


Art Deco

And the other design style that I think might be popular is called “Art Deco” This trend is already starting to take off and will keep on. It can actually be the evolution of glam style though. Not-so-trendy-anymore glam styles evolved into an Art Deco style that looks more authentic and aesthetic. It’s moving towards something that is focused on more eye-pleasing look. It has a strong focus on pattern and angled patterns at the same time. These interesting funky curves and patterns are what’s going to make Art Deco quite popular.

Again, that’s the end of another blog delving into the coolest design trends of 2022.

I hope that’s been helpful and inspiring for you!


What Design Mistakes You Should Avoid In Your Bedroom Part 2

Hello everyone, in our previous blog that has become quite popular, we talked about Design Mistakes You Should Avoid In Your Bedroom. Now, we are with you with the 2nd part. Without lingering, let’s get on board and get to What Design Mistakes You Should Avoid In Your Bedroom part 2 😍

What Design Mistakes You Should Avoid In Your Bedroom Part 2: Don’t Use Too Much Dark Colours

The first thing I think we should stop doing is to use too much dark colours in the bedroom. Painting it in too much dark colours or using darker shades a lot might make it feel so isolated and you might feel you are sleeping in a hollow. (No pun intended)

And I personally know lots of interior designers try to push darker and moody colours in recent years, which is actually fine. However, if your bedroom doesn’t have wide and big windows, it will be a disadvantage for you 😕 Probably, you don’t want to live in a depressive ambience. If you live in an apartment with slightly small windows, it won’t work that much. At least, you should be able to understand that it’s already morning when you wake up. Also, if we remember the fact that we live in the UK where winters are long and dark, scatter some fair colours.

Beiges, whites, off-whites or blue hues can be some of the good choices, for instance! 💙


What Design Mistakes You Should Avoid In Your Bedroom Part 2: Time to Say Goodbye to Boho Vibes in the Bedrooms

Another thing we actually stop doing is… Boho bedrooms 😕 I know lately we see it and inspirations everywhere on Pinterest, blogs, DIY channels and magazines. Really sorry to say that but this is already turning into a cliché.

Disclaimer: These are all personal thoughts and ideas and I definitely don’t mean to offend anyone. I highly respect anyone’s choices. These are shared in the lights of some stalking, investigations and trends 🧡

One of the trends that you can do instead of a Boho bedroom is “Modern Bedroom.”

I’m not saying you should and get rid of your boho items if you already have them. But to break this boho colour palette, you might want to add some blacks, blues or greens into it 🍀


Into A More Modern Direction

The next thing we should stop is using big patterned rugs in the bedrooms. You might like a style that is vintage or traditional. However, since we are taking things into a more modern direction, these big patterned rugs might be kind of tiring. So you might want to go for more modern and minimal options 😍

So, for today that’s all folks 🌸 Hopefully the blog of “What Design Mistakes You Should Avoid In Your Bedroom Part 2” has been helpful for you!

Rugs You Should Buy For This Christmas

Rugs You Should Buy For This Christmas

While Christmas is almost here, shall we talk about some of the rugs you should buy for this Christmas? First things first, to be fair, you may consider all of our rugs for the Christmas term, except the outdoor rugs maybe, but we picked a few of them that might boost the X-Mas vibes to the fullest. So, let’s jump into today’s blog then 👯

Morrocan Design Shaggy Rug

The first thing this kind of rugs will do in your home is to create a clean and warm ambiance for your rooms. As much as it will boost the energy and Christmas mood, these shaggy rugs will go great if you are also longing to create a Scandinavian home.

Fair Warning: Normally, with these shaggy rugs, there’s going to be some shedding but hey good news is our shaggy ones, thanks to their material called Polypropylene, it won’t shed at all!

Click here to see all the shaggy rugs


Gustavo Collection Modern Rugs in Duck Egg Blue

These rugs might give you a marble-like or 3D design image, which has been quite popular during recent years. Especially, in the high traffic areas in the home or in the high traffic times, these short piled rugs will be your saver. They are durable and functional. When it comes to these rugs, they are more of a flat weave. They are not as soft as shaggy rugs. However, it will look incredible though with these vivid colours and 3D design.

Click here to see the whole collection

Bonus Tip 💡

When you have a flat weave rug, you definitely want to go for a rug gripper, not only will it help stop the rug from slipping or sliding, it will also add a little bit more comfort.

Especially, if there are kids and pets running around your home and if your rugs keep sliding, you don’t need anything more than these grippers 😍


Premium Fluffy Shaggy Rugs Solid Design | White


Probably, there’s nothing like walking on a soft and thick rug. It will make you feel like walking on the clouds. This actually has more of a warm tone. This white tone will make your room look even brighter and bigger. If you imagine this fluffy rug in your room surrounded by Christmas lights and decors, that will be picturesque 🖼

Bonus Tip Vol. 2 💡

Since we are mostly going with white and cream coloured rugs, we thought it would definitely be useful to talk about one of our latest products which is Rug Stain Remover Spray. Having light coloured rugs, we might be risking the cleanliness of our lovely rugs at any moment. You might spill something, your furry friend might pee, your kid or baby might do something you would rather not etc…

In these cases, this cleaning spray will be the very first thing you will need. Without any hassle or fuss, you’ll be able to clean it with a few simple steps instructed on the product.

Christmas Themed Rugs

And of course, our brand new, the brightest and cutest Christmas Rugs are heeeere! 🥳

They come in different colours: red or white, and different shapes: rectangle or round 💖

Add the festive feeling to your home with our new range of Machine Washable Christmas Design Red Rug and welcome your friends and families. Due to the precise processing of 100% polyester, this rug is very robust. It is also very easy to clean WASHABLE at 30 °! With durable utility polyester fibres and unique fibre-locking-tech, it won’t shrink, transform or turn rough after wash. Do not bleach or tumble dry. Simply lay flat to dry.

The Christmas area rug have a latex backing, which makes them very easy to stick to the floor and is very slip-resistant. The rug is perfect for kitchens, hallways, bathrooms and living rooms and under your Christmas tree. The designs are printed by a specially developed flooring printing technology. This Christmas area rug is also certified according to the independent Oeko-Tex-Procedure-100. It is also easily usable in rooms with underfloor heating.


Alright, then. Today, we’ve tried to help you choose the best style rugs, additional products and rugs you should buy for this Christmas. Hopefully, it’s been helpful for you.

What Design Mistakes You Should Avoid In Your Bedroom

Images have been used as an example and reference.
Images have been used as an example and reference.

Today, we will talk about what design mistakes you should avoid in your bedroom. Because probably, we have always talked about what you should do, what colour you should pick or trend you should follow. However, we also thought we could also talk about what you should avoid and NOT do in your home design. To give a start, we wanted to highlight not-to-do things in your bedroom.

What Design Mistakes You Should Avoid In Your Bedroom: Don’t Go Random

The first thing you should stop doing is choosing the colour of your rug randomly. We actually don’t know when this idea could date back but generally, there’s a popular idea that you need a pop of colour in your room. For instance, on some blogs or social media accounts, we see people who picked up a random green, maybe not only on their floor but also even on the walls. These accent colours will look quite disjointed in a bedroom. Nevertheless, if you love colour and think of using accent colours, all I can say is GO FOR IT! But don’t stop on the floor or a particular area. To give you a further example, if you are going for the green rug, also get some green textiles, accessories and introduce your accent colour through other items in the room. Don’t get the exact shade of green. You should get a variety of different tones that way it will blend seamlessly. Also for the other colours, the logic is totally the same.


What Design Mistakes You Should Avoid In Your Bedroom: Red

Another thing you should avoid is using shades of red. Mostly, red is associated with warmth and affection. When it comes to the bedroom, it will definitely create a cold and not-home-like vibe. Probably, you don’t want to live in such a space, huh? If you need an alternate for red, beige colour can create that welcoming ambiance in your bedroom.


Avoid Using The Same Textures

As we mentioned above and as you should avoid using the same exact colour, you should also avoid using the exact textures. For instance, if your bed’s textiles are too fluffy and dense and if you choose fluffy or fringed rug again, that will be an overdose of textures.

What you need to do is to balance it. Like the example above, if you have thick and dense blankets, fluffy cushions or high volume curtains, you might want to choose short piled rugs instead of fringed or faux fur.


Avoid Using Too Many Patterns

And the last thing to avoid is using way too many patterns. Let me say that it’s really easy to mess up a room when you introduce a pattern and are not sure what you are doing. To give you another example, you want to start with a large patterned or floral rug and you want to introduce another print, let’s say with the pillow; you will need to choose a pillow of which patterns are actually micro size. Also, make sure that it is in the same colour palette. That way, it will give the illusion that it’s just a part of one big print.

Alright then, in today’s blog: What Design Mistakes You Should Avoid In Your Bedroom, these are the topics that we’ve wanted to highlight and share with you. Hopefully, that’s been helpful for you 💜