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Washable Border Design Mats

Washable Mat With Border Indoor Kitchen & Hallway Mats Small Medium | 133

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Your front door will be the first impression guests have of your home, so good doormats will not only protect your floor, but it’ll also give your home that organised, put-together look from your very front door.

Heading back from a drizzly dog walk, you may think your shoes are clean, only to get inside and discover you’ve traipsed mud across your brand new carpet! Whether summer or winter, a doormat is your first defence against dust, fallen leaves and, worst of all, mud!

Indoor and Outdoor Front Door Mat

Doormats are usually designed for either indoor or outdoor use. Those designed for outdoor use are usually more sturdy and made from weather-resistant materials such as coir or jute. They usually have a more abrasive surface which will help remove stubborn bits of mud and dirt.

Indoor mats are usually made from less abrasive materials and they won’t have the same weather resistance. Their job is to remove lingering debris, as opposed to large clumps of mud.

Entryway Doormat

Doormats are available in a range of colours and designs, so it’s worth putting some time into finding the best one for your home. While some people like brightly coloured patterned doormats, others have a simpler taste.
On a practical level, patterned doormats tend to conceal dirt a little better, as do those made with darker colours. If your doormat is going to be used to remove mud from wellies and walking boots after each dog walk, We recommend opting for darker colours.

You’ll find our best offers on the doormats. We have the best and most stylish selection of plain, striped and geometric patterned entryway doormats available to buy online in the UK.