Gardening Tips to Landscape a Small Yard

Do you have a little backyard but a big imagination? You are fortunate. You may find some incredible little yard landscaping ideas that spark your imagination. That little piece of land may soon resemble a true garden retreat. Even modest backyards may be customized to meet your requirements, whether you desire the room to host people or appreciate having a peaceful retreat in nature.

Landscape a small yard into a beautiful garden with these tips.

Plan It Properly

While it may seem that having a tiny yard open and unorganized would make it seem larger, the contrary is true. Organizing is the key to creating a more relaxed vibe. Your little yard’s areas should be marked with their intended uses. Create a stone patio to mark off an eating or relaxing space, or use plants to divide a play area and dining area. It will seem like there is now a lot more room.

Establish Compact Backyard Areas

Split the open spaces into tiny spaces to make them seem bigger. Such a small yard landscaping concept may sound counterintuitive, but we guarantee it works. Create various seating arrangements and pathways to separate a compact backyard landscape into inviting sitting areas.

Layered Terrain

Creating a tiered environment, similar to what is seen in nature, is a simple backyard concept for tiny yards. You can create a similar effect with a tiny yard landscaping by picturing a forest with ferns, shade-tolerant understory plants and trees, low groundcovers, and big overhead trees. Make the most of the flower bed area using elements like bulbs, groundcovers, and crevice plants to build a beautiful tiered landscape!

Make a Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardening is a trend in tiny yard designs. Several readily available items, like the wall planters seen above, enable you to grow plants vertically. You may also make something from scratch. In any case, it invents new areas for planting.

Hanging Baskets with Plants

Speaking of modest backyard ideas, here’s a creative approach to making the most of the available space: make your own hanging planters out of recycled bottles, old jars, and even a shoe!  Of course, numerous pre-planted hanging baskets are available at local nurseries if the aesthetic doesn’t appeal to you.

Select the Correct Trees

If you pick trees that grow up rather than out, you may plant them in a small yard. Dwarf shrubs and thinner, taller forms like columnar evergreens can provide beautiful landscaping without taking up the entire space.

Use Smaller Furniture

Large patio furniture not only takes up a lot of room but also takes up a small backyard. Therefore, stick to smaller pieces, ideally ones with transparent patterns that allow the eye to go further.

Construct Curves

Often, straight garden accents seem cold and unappealing. Instead, use twisting and curving lines, like landscape edging or garden paths, to provide depth and character. The room is opened up and given a feeling of movement by the whirling form.

Little Grower Plants

Growers often release brand-new cultivars with unique traits. A dwarf habit is one of them. You have the option of growing a pine that develops at 1 foot or 80 feet when thinking of landscaping ideas. The former option leaves you with ample room to place companion plants.

Using Crevice Plants

The majority of gardens include crevices, so why not make use of them? These areas are ideal for succulents like sedum and hen-and-chicks (Sempervivum), which thrive in these typically sparse and arid conditions. They beautify the area and soften the impact of the rough surfaces.

Utilize Color Wisely

Place big, vibrant flowers directly in view for a functional, beautiful, tiny yard landscaping design. The remainder of the little garden landscape will seem to retreat and feel bigger since your eye naturally gravitates toward them.

Develop Your Tiny Backyard into a Destination

A fire pit with welcome seats can be the focal point of your little garden setting. The compact backyard seems larger by placing the sitting area right next to a concrete patio and adding a second seating area adjacent to the fence.

Creating a Focal Point for the Yard

A focal point may capture attention and make outdoor areas seem more finished; a terrific small-yard landscaping concept will do you well. A simple sitting area and vertical garden can take centre stage and provide a calming corner in this space.

Now you know how to landscape a small yard with these gardening tips!

Four Easy Ways to Preserve Flowers and Their Décor Ideas

Flowers hold an extraordinary place in our hearts. Whether it’s a long-stemmed rose received by someone special, a bridal bouquet, or a gorgeous collection of flowers handpicked by your children, we all hold sentimental values toward flowers, but their beauty, scent, and colour can rapidly degrade if we do not take measures to dry and preserve our flowers.

1.    How to Preserve Flowers After Drying

The air drying technique involves hanging your bouquet upside down, which strips excess moisture from the flower stems and preserves them. This process is lengthy and can take two to three weeks. The flowers must be kept in a well-ventilated and dry room so mold cannot attack and destroy the lovely petals.

  • Remove extra foliage from your flowers and cut the stems until they are at least 6 inches long.
  • Tie their stems together using a ribbon or rubber band.
  • Hang them upside down, and make sure they are away from direct sunlight.
  • When thoroughly dried, spray the flowers with hairspray to ensure the crispiness of the petals.

2.    How to Preserve Flowers in a Book

Pressing flowers in a book increases the time they take to dry out completely. On the bright side, it is easy to dry and preserve flowers if you do not want to keep their stems, and this process has little chance of messing up the preservation. Place your flower between waxed papers, which will absorb their moisture, and the result is a dried flower that is preserved forever.

  • Take a heavy, preferably hardcover book.
  • Trim the stems till the flower head.
  • Open the book and place a sheet of waxed paper on it.
  • Place the flower on top of it close to the middle of the book and gently press the book close, enclosing the flower between two sheets of waxed paper.
  • From time to time, take out and replace the waxed paper.
  • After four weeks, the flower is desiccated and preserved.

3.    How to Preserve Flowers in Resin

To preserve flowers in epoxy resin, dry them using the air drying method. Using your flowers, you can use resin moulds in any shape you like and create pendants, paperweights, or key chains. This process requires more work, as the setting of the resin is a tricky process.

  • Mix equal amounts of resin and catalyst using the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Take a silicone container and pour the set epoxy resin.
  • Delicately arrange your flowers any way you want, and then fill the rest of the container with epoxy resin.
  • This method will create a beautiful decorative piece that will keep your flowers in bloom forever.

4.    How to Preserve Flowers in a Microwave

Flowers can be dried and preserved using a microwave and silica gel. This technique preserves the flowers’ colour so the microwave’s heat does not leech it out. Silica gel is a desiccant and helps drive moisture out from the flowers. This process is quick and used to preserve flower heads and small plants.

  • Place your flowers in a container not used for food, and cover its bottom surface with a layer of silica gel.
  • Place your flower blooms side up, and then delicately pour more silica gel over it.
  • Heat it at various intervals, checking every few minutes to see if the flowers are completely dried.
  • Let the flowers sit for 24 hours, after which you can brush off the gel from the petals with a brush.

Simple Décor Ideas for Your Preserved Flowers

1.     Frame Your Pressed Flowers

What’s a better decoration for your walls than your wedding bouquet? Pick out a few or all flowers from your bridal bouquet and frame them in however arrangement you like.

2.     Use Them in Scrapbooks

You can stick single or multiple flowers in your scrapbook and jot down the memories attached to those flowers in a scrapbook. You will have a tangible experience with the flowers whenever you open up the scrapbook and read its contents.

3.     Gift the Dried Flowers to Someone

Make resin ornaments and gift items using your dried flowers, which look aesthetic and natural and have emotions attached, which is much better than giving a meaningless gift to someone.

What is Feng Shui & How to Use Colours?

Alright everyone, today’s topic is ‘’ What is Feng Shui & How to Use Colours’’ – Colour is a simple and accessible way to start applying feng shui principles to your home. There are many different ways to work with color and feng shui, and each color has many layers of connection and meaning. A colour can represent an energy, from one of the many energy systems in feng shui. When you are adding colour to your home for a feng shui reason, it is powerful to have a specific intention in mind for how you would like that colour to support you.  

What Does Green Mean in Feng Shui?

When you add a certain colour with feng shui in mind, that colour can do much more besides just making your space look a certain way. When you apply green to your home with the intention of bringing in a specific type of energy to support you, it can really take your decorating to the next level. Green can be especially helpful if your intentions are to invite more flexibility and compassion, improve family harmony, start something new, or inspire new ideas and creativity.  

Use Green In Your Home

There are many ways you can bring green into your home with paint, furniture, artwork, textiles, and other decor items. As you’re deciding how to incorporate green into your space, consider selecting a shade of green that matches your intention and the kind of energy you want to cultivate. Choose a crisp, clear green if you want to cultivate uplifting wood element qi. To invite more healing and soothing energy, look for a soft blue-green. If you feel stuck and in need of an energy boost, try a deep forest green. To stimulate creativity, add a brighter green with yellow undertones.  

Use Green in Your Daily Life

Feng shui isn’t just for your house! There are many ways to work with feng shui and color outside of your physical living space. For example, you can add green to your wardrobe for a pick-me-up. When you feel a little uninspired or low energy, try putting on something green, like a shirt, scarf, or even jewelry with green stones.

Plants and Greeneries

When it comes to greens, don’t limit yourself. Houseplants are a great way to bring the color green into your home without painting a thing. They embody the wood element, and their upward growth is a powerful metaphor. Plants also require care and attention, and they can teach us many valuable lessons about kindness, compassion, and caring for other living beings.

Top Home Decor Ideas

When you are planning to move to a new house or do an entire renovation of the house, it can be a perplexing yet astounding decision! With the mind flooding with ideas, choosing the perfect style for your home is often challenging.

The one thing that you should always focus on while decorating your house is:

Get things that bode well with your comfort level!

Your house is your personal space that should reflect your personality and style and add a happy vibe rather than an edgy, uncomfortable home grilled with furniture.

Try out the home décor ideas mentioned below to add a sparkle of elegance to your home.

Go For A Neutral Theme

A neutral theme can work better than you think if your detailing is adequate. You can add shelves with hints and golden textures, adding subtle yet significant uplift to the room.

Create A Reading Nook

If your house does not have a reading corner, you can create one easily. If you do not have extra space to leave for this, you can design one in your living room. All you need for it is some extra space and some fabric, and you can create a cosy yet sophisticated reading corner with it.

Keep Tabs On the Measurements

You must ensure that you have the rooms’ measurements in your head. You do not want to buy a giant painting for a small space; it will make the room look congested. Or, stacking up tiny frames on a vast wall will ruin its effect. So, it would help if you got what suits your needs the best. The same goes for the sofas; set them according to your room’s size and theme. A giant sectional cramped in a small space would not style the room up; but rather make the room confined and messy.  

Try Out Black Paints

Black can be a hard decision to make. While it is a bold decision, it can be quite a look to manifest on your walls. You can add a soft black colour to the bedroom walls, which can help you achieve a brilliant appearance in the room.

Accentuate The Frames Of The Windows

While accents can be added to the accessories, you can also build them through the colours. You can work with the window frame and paint it to add accents, resulting in a striking combination with it. So, you can create a strong contrast and help the window stand out.

Add Some Style To The Fireplace

Many people do not pay much attention to the fireplace and end up sad-looking! So, you can add textures and style to the fireplace by adding a small gallery exhibiting some artwork or pottery; this would look good and add elegance to the place.

Include Faux Panelling

Introduce faux panelling to your walls; this can bring a creative and aesthetic vibe to your house. Be a little creative with the setting, and you can add up seamed wallpaper panels and add up a sofa right beneath it; make sure the sofa is the perfect size for it as it would help generate a symmetrical vibe in the place.

Add Trims To Cushions And Curtains

While this may seem a little surprising, the trims can help in creating an elegant look to the place. You can work with the cushions and curtains and add a couple of trims to them. You can add the throws, cushions, and tassels to make the appearance stunning.

Add A Treat To Your Windows

Roman shades can be a treat for your windows that can make a world of difference! Use the small patterns to deck up your windows; it can add a brilliant style to your house and can spruce up the entire place with it.

Decorate The Panels Of The Door

You can add the panels on the door; this can be a really interesting thing to do. The door’s beauty would intensify, and they would increase the house’s appeal.

Another option is adding wallpapers to the doors; they are well-known to be adding beauty to houses. The best choice for wallpapers for doors is peel and stick; they tend to avoid damaging the doors.

Style The Bookshelf

Fill up the bookshelf with a contemporary style and hint it up with sleek touch; they go really well for the bookshelf. Add books and accessorise them with sculptures and beautiful vases. You can also colour-coordinate the books. This is one of the home décor ideas that never goes out of style.

End Note

Use these tips and tricks to spruce up your house. These ideas will help make the place sophisticated and chic while adding a touch of elegance to the house. For more home decor ideas, follow The Rugs.

7 Wall Decor Ideas to Breathe Life Into Your Living Space

There are few things in life more depressing than bare walls. When you first move into a living space, all the empty walls are like canvases, waiting to be filled in with your personality. Choosing to leave them empty is dull and uninspiring. Trust me; you will not get the next big idea surrounded by beige walls. It’s time to get your creative juices flowing and transform your living space using creative wall décor that reflects you. There is so much to work with that this can be a fun little side project for you. You can go classy and understated, or you can go all-out flashy.
You can buy little houseplants to keep on the shelves to keep you company, or you can go the classic photograph gallery route. The possibilities are endless, and the best part is the décor can all be customised according to your interests.
If you’re looking for ideas to transform your living space into an extension of your personality, try these 7 wall décor ideas to make your walls come alive.

1) Green Walls

We can all agree that houseplants are a Godsend that can transform any place and instantly uplift the vibes there. Being around greenery is calming and brings a piece of nature right next to you, keeping you firmly connected to the outdoors even in an artificially constructed environment.
However, it isn’t necessary to keep your plants on your windowsills. There are now many ways where you can incorporate plants into your wall décor and keep that green, leafy wonder right into your line of vision. This wall décor idea is perfect for plant and nature enthusiasts and a shift away from typical wall décor.
Use small hanging potted plants to hang on your walls. Numerous hanging plants on the wall can create a lush green canopy of sorts which is very aesthetically pleasing. Wall-mounted planters also work wonders. If you have an issue with regularly watering the plants, you can also opt for the artificial kind.

2) Personalised World Map

This wall décor is for adventure and travel enthusiasts. If you have been an ardent traveller or are clamouring to become one, this wall décor can be a flex or motivation, depending on your circumstances. Use a large world map for wall décor and personalise it by marking all the places you have been to or are planning to go to. A bonus advantage is that the map can also be used as educational geography material.

3) Photo Gallery

This idea is not exactly winning any awards for creativity, but there’s a reason the classics remain eternal. A curated photo gallery reflecting your life can be a true expression of your personality. Wall décor is about aesthetic expression and choosing things you want to look at.
Photos on your wall showing the best times you had and people you have in your life is a constant reminder of what it’s all about.

4) Paint a Mural

This option can be a DIY project for you to work on, or you can commission an artist. Murals are beautiful and can instantly transform the vibe of any space.
Depending on the art, murals can rouse all sorts of emotions. A seaside mural can keep you tranquil even in the smallest spaces. Murals are timeless and can transport you into another place while sitting in your house.

5) Bright String of Lights

It is a universal truth that adding a string of twinkling lights to any space immediately turns it into a whimsical place filled with possibilities.
There are several supplementary lighting available that you can use to illuminate your walls and your lives. As we all know, good lighting solves most problems in life and makes for excellent social media posts.

6) A Giant Blackboard or Whiteboard

A giant blackboard or whiteboard, when installed on your wall, is an example of practical wall décor that is functional and sets a tone for your living space. Whether you want to scribble out your thoughts, the song lyrics you can’t get out of your head, or want to plan out your entire life, this wall décor is an excellent addition to any wall and a pretty literal way of expressing your personality.

7) Bookcases

This wall décor idea might be for the more academically inclined people, however, it can be used for primarily aesthetic purposes as well because let’s be real, massive bookcases just look great and make you look smart. So many of us buy books that we intend to read but never get around to do it. Use these wall decor bookcases to store those books and hope and pray that you get around to reading them.