Top 6 Windowsill Décor Ideas That Can Take Interior Design to the Next Level

Your windowsill doesn’t have to remain empty. Use our windowsill décor ideas to make it part of the décor.

Top 6 Windowsill Décor Ideas to Elevate Your Home’s Style

If your windowsill is narrow, add shelves so you can have ample room for the décor you have in mind.

Make this space productive using our décor tips:

1.      Add Planters

Planters can add a personal touch whether your windowsill is inside or just outside. Bring living house plants or cactuses that don’t need much care if you have little time to spare. Go for slim planters that can fit on your windowsill, and ensure the plants are child and pet safe.

2.      Add a Daybed Underneath

If you don’t want to place anything on your windowsill, consider adding a cosy daybed underneath you can lounge on. Make the space aesthetically pleasing with colourful cushions and a throw rug. Look for a bed that can come up to the windowsill so you can push it right underneath the window.

3.      Add Tiny Figurines

What’s cuter than a line of tiny and cute figurines on your windowsill? Make a whole zoo with a tiny herd of elephants, giraffes, and other wild animals. Or decorate with figurines of your favourite characters. Go for dark colours that absorb heat, so these can do double duty as heat absorbers and won’t melt or get damaged by exposure.

4.      Create a Reading Nook

If your windowsill is wide enough to accommodate books, make the area into a reading nook. Add a sofa underneath with pillows for comfort so you can curl up with your favourite book whenever you want to. The reading nook will create a peaceful ambiance and elevate the décor.

You can add a floating shelf underneath the sill to accommodate your extensive book collection or add succulents or other décor items.

5.      Create an Attractive Workspace

If you are still working from home, and have a spacious window sill, convert it into an attractive workstation. Extend the surface if needed by pushing your desk against it and place all of your cute stationery on the windowsill to make it stand out. It will give the space a professional and also cohesive look.

6.      Display Seasonable Fruit

Organic produce on a kitchen windowsill makes a statement. Whether you love to cook or need inspiring décor ideas to get those creative juices flowing, adding fruit artistically on the windowsill can tick both boxes.

Use round and brightly coloured fruit such as apples, melons, and oranges and pile them in an attractive basket before placing them on the windowsill. If your kitchen window gets a lot of sunlight, choose fruits that don’t spoil quickly.

Your windowsills don’t have to remain empty. Use them to introduce nature into your living space or add personal touches that can make your house feel like a home. Choose items that speak to you on a personal level to make the décor stand out.

Top 5 Space-Saving Shoe Storage Ideas You Will Adopt Immediately

Nothing is more frustrating than tripping over shoes, heels, and boots in the hallway. If your wardrobe doesn’t have space, you can use these shoe storage ideas to protect your footwear and prevent injuries.

Top Shoe Storage Ideas That Save Space

Whether you have a large family or a substantial shoe collection, these storage ideas will help you save space:

1.      Use a Shoe Tree

Even expensive shoes cannot last forever. With time, creases, folds, and cracks can appear, deforming the shoe permanently, and the material can also get stiff with age. This includes vintage shoes that have curled leather insoles. These can lose their shape and filling if left in a box for years.

Prevent that from happening by investing in a shoe tree. Just hang the shoes and slip-on you wear daily on the ‘branches’ so they won’t lose shape. If they remain in a pile on the floor, they will lose shape and lustre fast.

2.      Use Shoe Horns

If you have a large collection of shoes that you rarely wear, don’t keep them stored away. They will lose their shape otherwise. Instead, hang them on wooden shoehorns so they can retain their structure. Make sure you choose the correct size, so the footwear doesn’t stretch out. You can also get adjustable options that you can personalize before placing shoes on the horns.

Don’t place them on there immediately. Allow your shoes to rest for 24 hours after you wear them so the sweat can evaporate. The insert could trap moisture in the shoe otherwise. Try to find shoe horns made of cedar. The wood is pest resistant and doesn’t retain moisture either.

3.      Behind the Curtain

Not everyone likes displaying shoes for the whole world to see. Most people like to hide them away till they are needed again. If you don’t want to go for a dusty shoe rack, install one behind a curtain or in a hollow wall. No one will know you have your whole shoe collection behind it, and you can save space.

4.      Use Shoe Buckets

Get an attractive bucket, keep it inside, right by your door, and use it for shoe storage. Throwing shoes in there as you come back tired from work will be extremely satisfying. But make sure you use it for old pairs of shoes you wear roughly outdoors. Buckets aren’t designed to maintain the shape of your shoes, after all. Place shoes vertically in the bucket and tie flats with rubber bands to keep them in place and open up space for more footwear.

5.      Use Wire Hangers and Sandal Holders

Don’t throw old and damaged wire hangers out just yet. Customize them into sandal holders you can hang in your wardrobe. Cut the bottom out and use a plier to bend the ends into curled hooks. Hang sandals by the thongs or flats from the top of each hook

Bonus Tips for Storing Shoes

Irrespective of the option you choose, keep these tips in mind to ensure your shoes last for years:

Maintain Ventilation around Your Footwear

No matter how you store your shoes, ensure enough air circulates in and around them. Even if you have no time to dry your footwear when you come out of the rain or from a run, the ventilation will do the job for you. Closed storage options will retain odour, so ensure there is enough air circulation to prevent both issues.

Clean Shoes before Storing Them

Besides drying your shoes, clean them with a cloth, so mud and dirt don’t make their way into storage too. Do this for shoes that you don’t plan to wear anytime soon. This includes winter snow boots, sandals, and galoshes. The dirt can erode the material, and the bacteria can also infiltrate your home leading to diseases. Thoroughly clean and dry these before storing them away.

Expensive footwear can last for years if stored properly and cleaned beforehand. Use the tips mentioned above to ensure this, and you can save money down the line. These storage options can help you make your hobby an investment if you are a collector.

Contrasting Colours for Home Décor

Contrasting colours have amassed a huge following over the recent years. From complementary paint jobs to diversely colour-printed curtains, these uniquely blended color schemes have transformed how spaces are designed and decorated.

So, if you fancy contrasting colours in home decor but don’t know how to incorporate them best, here’s all the info you need to get started.

What Are Contrasting Colours?

Also called complementary colours, contrasting colours refer to the colours that directly oppose each other in the basic colour wheel. These opposing colours in a colour wheel extend maximum contrast to each other.

Here are some primary colours and their complementary counterparts:

  • Yellow and Purple
  • Red and Green
  • Blue and Orange

Colours In Home Decoration: How You Should Use Contrasting Colours

Using contrasting colours while decorating your home can feel intimidating, especially if you don’t have sufficient experience in handling bold colors. To incorporate complementary colours in the best possible way, you know how to use them in their right tincture and proportion. You will be pleasantly surprised with the impressive combos you can get out of them.

Contrasting colour schemes are vibrant, bold, and very much capable of designing some stunning spaces.

Without visually interesting colour schemes (including contrasts), your home’s interior can appear dreary and flat. On the other hand, contrasting colour schemes can help you create a lasting impression.

Here are some tips that can help you incorporate this dynamic colour technique into your home décor for a visually arresting appeal:

Don’t just focus on the walls

For an attention-grabbing interior colour scheme, we suggest you use two to four contrasting colours for each room. Now, this does not at all mean that you paint your walls into a kaleidoscope of bursting colours. Remember, complementary colour schemes can also be incorporated with your room furnishings, furniture, and other home décor elements.

Avoid overdoing and find balance

The key to using contrasting colours effectively in home décor is to know when to stop. You may love the blue-orange colour combination but that does not mean it has to be everywhere and anywhere. Find a balance. The real splendor of contrasting colours rests in its subtleties. You don’t have to overuse the colour scheme to highlight its vibrancy and beauty.

Experiment with patterns

You can also use complementary colours with a pattern of your liking. Experimenting with unique-coloured patterns can form a sense of artistic dynamism in your home’s interior theme. Remember, sky is the limit when it comes to contrasting colours.

Creatively incorporating colours into your home décor does not have to be a chore. More importantly, you do not have to be an expert to do it. So, start slow, do some research, and just have fun along the way!


Contrasting colour combinations might appear a bit overwhelming at first, but once you acquire a good understanding of the colour wheel and start playing around, you’ll amaze yourself with the myriad of choices.


If you have incoporated any cool contrasting colour schemes in your home décor, do share with us!  Moreover, for more useful home and décor guides or tips, be sure to check the rest of our blog section. Our aim is to make sure every reader is equipped with the necessary knowledge to make a decision that’s best for them.

What Is Texturized Painting and How You Can Apply It?

Texturized paint can add dimensions and dynamics to a room to make it stand out. This rough and gritty paint will do wonders for your interior décor, provided it is applied correctly. This guide is a great starting point if you are interested in texturized painting.

What Is Wall Texture Paint?

As the name shows, texture paint is rough and gritty paint that adds texture to walls. If applied correctly, it can add a 3D effect, and the best thing is that you can add a range of unique colour combinations. It is a decent alternative to wallpaper which can peel easily and can also be used to cover imperfections.

How to Apply Textured Paint

To apply textured paint, follow these steps:

Step 1 – Choose the Best Paint Texture Type

Your choice should depend on the effect you want to create on your wall. Here are some options you can look into:


This style was quite popular during the 70s, mainly for ceilings. Popcorn textures are usually made with white paint but are also available in other colours. It is a mixture of polystyrene and drywall mud which is easy to apply. Popcorn texturized paint forms a thick layer so it can prevent dampness.

Orange Peel

Orange peel textured paint has a dimple pattern, just like an orange peel. This texturized paint is made with drywall mud diluted with water to create a thick but spreadable paint. The paint can be easily applied with a sprayer to create a dimpled pattern on walls, and the finish is achieved with a wide roller. Orange peel paint is one of the most uncomplicated textures you can make with little effort.

The Trowel Effect

Trowels are special tools designed to create textures via lines and multiple layers. It is used over a plaster layer to create a specific design and can also be used to create a textured rainbow wall. Some people use it to create arch or line patterns on interior walls.

Slap Brush

This type of texturized paint is applied using a brush which is dipped in the paint and then slapped on the wall. Depending on your brush type, you can create different effects that don’t follow a uniform pattern. It is the perfect textured paint technique for inexperienced painters since it doesn’t require a lot of skill. Once the drywall mud dries, you can add primer and the desired paint colour.

Step 2 – Prepare Drywall

You can apply textured paint easily if you treat the drywall you need to cover with it first. Sand the drywall to remove old paint, smooth out the surface and clear debris beforehand.

Step 3 – Prepare Tools

You need a roller, paintbrush, stencil for a specific design, a mixing bucket and a suspension pole. You can also get a paint sprayer for a light application.

Step 4 – Mix the Paint

You can find pre-mixed textured paint that you don’t have to prepare. You can apply it straight from the can. If you have to mix the paint, first determine the proportions required. Otherwise, you may end up with a poor paint job that will take more money to fix.

Step 5 – Test the Paint

Whether you have to mix the paint or use it straight from the can, check it on a piece of cardboard before applying it to your walls. It will give you an idea of whether it suits your needs or if you need to change it.

Step 6 – Apply the Paint

Apply the textured paint on the walls making sure you follow the application process best suited to the type you are using. Allow the first coat to dry completely before adding the second one.

Don’t hesitate to hire a professional painter if you want complex textured paint for your walls. Even if you have passing painting skills, reversing effects from texturized paints can take hours, more paint and resources you cannot afford. But if you want to try applying it, use the steps mentioned in our guide. Just make sure you cover your furniture beforehand.

7 Fall Décor Ideas That Can Make Your Home an Autumn Wonderland

Before fall makes its presence known, transform your home décor and welcome the nippy season in style. Use our guide to make your house an autumn wonderland.

Top Fall Design Ideas to Transform Your Home

Here are some fall design ideas that can help you welcome autumn in your home:

1.     Add a Wreath to Your Door

You don’t have to go with the traditional Christmas wreath. During fall, you will have various natural resources to make a custom one for the season. Use dried corn husks, pine cones, yellow leaves, and seasonal flowers to make a gorgeous wreath for your front door. Just toss it in your compost pile when winter is here, and you won’t waste it.

2.     Display Seasonal Flowers

Autumn brings forth a bouquet of flowers, some of which you cannot find in any other season. Fill up vases with asters, dahlias, daffodils, daisies and more. Place them on your bedside tables, the entryway table, coffee tables and other places around your home. Save money by getting faux fall flowers for your home that will last throughout the season, and you can display them yearly.

3.     Add Autumn Scents To Your Home

Besides adding fall décor, trigger happy memories by adding fall scents around your house. Place scented potpourri using cinnamon, pumpkin spice, clove or sugary scents with apple, vanilla and pomegranate. You cannot go wrong with earthy scents for autumn, such as sandalwood, cedar etc. Use essential oil diffusers to make the task easier.

4.     Add Rugs

An area room rug is smaller than a carpet, and rustic coloured ones can take your fall décor to the next level. These also add warmth and texture to bland areas and are versatile, so you can place them anywhere around your house. Use rugs, runners, and other floor coverings to soften tiled flooring, hard stone, and other options to define zones. Depending on your choice, you can change the look and feel of a room with the right rug.

5.     Transform Your Entrance and Wow Guests

If you are like most people who entertain guests during the fall, this is a great time to spruce up your entrance and foyer. Add a large entry table to display your fall décor, such as small pumpkins and leaves, and add chairs or long benches where guests can sit and talk or remove boots as they come in from the cold.

6.     Spice Up the Guest Room

If you plan on hosting weekend guests during the season, make their stay memorable by bringing fall into the guest room. Replace summer bedding with heavier linens and sheets in rich shades such as gold, russet or pumpkin. Add some fall décor to the side tables or dresser to make their stay pleasant.

7.     Display Your Copper Pieces with Pride

Copper is the best colour to display in fall. So if you have dishware, cookware and utensils made from the material, bring them out, polish and display them proudly in your kitchen. Copper mugs would also look great on a cart, and copper pots/pans will add a rustic charm to your kitchen and open up storage space.

Add copper accent using canisters, teapots and utensil holders in the same material. Add fall foliage to the mix, and your décor will only get high praise.

The season is about to change. Collect the items and décor you need to welcome fall before it gets here, and you will be able to decorate in record time.

Welcome the Holiday Season with These 5 Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas is the best time to give your creativity free rein. Deck the halls with our eye-catching Christmas decoration ideas to bring in the festive season with a bang.

Top Christmas Decoration Ideas You Should Steal

Work your way through our list and get inspiration for a truly memorable Holiday:

1.     Add Lighting Strategically

Choose ambience lighting that you can control to cast a welcoming glow over the windows and illuminate certain areas of your house, such as the door. Choose top-quality options to show off your décor to full effect and make your home feel bigger and welcoming for guests. Don’t ignore any dark corners to ensure you get this effect.

2.     Introduce Nature into Your Home

Bring in some natural elements to make your home a winter wonderland for the holiday season. You can never go wrong with mistletoe, acorns, holly and poinsettias.

Add these natural elements to vases or tables in your home to stay true to the theme. You’ll be amazed at how festive and warm your décor will become afterwards.

3.     Add Scented Candles

Scented candles trigger memories of happy times and can make your Christmas truly memorable. Add candles around the house that give off cinnamon, apple pie and berry scents to get into the festive mood.

Place them around the windows, in the bathroom and the entrance. Get into the spirit as soon as you enter. Create a dramatic arrangement by placing scented candles together. Or just add a subtle, magical touch with a few candles placed strategically around your home.

4.     Use Artificial Snow

Snow will make a muddy mess in your house, so choose artificial snow as décor instead. Add it liberally to your banisters, window sills, and even on your Christmas tree. The best part is that it won’t melt, so your décor will look fresh all season.

It’s a great décor item for you if you have small children who get excited when they see snow falling. So add a light dusting of fake snow around your home to maintain that winter and Christmassy flair.

5.     Add Fairy Lights for a Magical Look

Christmas or fairy lights provide an affordable and quick way to make a space more festive, cosy, welcoming and magical. Improve your home’s curb appeal by adding these around the perimeter of your house, the roof, windows and doors.

If you have a garden with trees and bushes, string fairy lights through the branches and leaves to give the space a natural glow. Line them across your windows to add a touch of magic to your window treatments. For a polished look, trim your hedges and trees before stringing the lights on them. It will streamline your home’s look considerably.

Do you think you will have time to decorate a week before Christmas? With gift and grocery shopping, you will barely have time to breathe. Use the Christmas decoration ideas in our guide as inspiration today and start collecting the materials or resources you need to make that special day memorable for your family and guests.

8 Loft Bed Ideas for Your Minimalistic Lifestyle

Who says loft beds are just for kids? This space-saving solution is just as practical and fun for adults as it opens up vertical and usable space. Whether you go for a free-standing unit to an elevated option with room underneath for a desk, you can make your own mini bedroom with loft bed ideas.

Top Loft Bed Ideas for a Sustainable Lifestyle

Use these tips to make your loft space comfortable, practical, and aesthetically pleasing:

1.     Add Curtains

Add curtains to close it off if you use the space under your loft bed as a workspace or storage space. It will make the area look roomier, hide messes and add a soft and comforting touch. Choose light shades to lighten the ambience or vibrant ones if you want to add a pop of colour to a dull interior.

2.     Install a Railing

If you have a spacious loft, add a sleek iron railing and sconces to make your bed sturdy. The railing will prevent you from rolling off as you change positions, and the sconces will be sturdier than a lamp that you can easily knock off. Add these solutions to make your loft bed practical.

3.     Create a Loft Bed Out Of Bookshelves

If you love to read, you can make your loft a bibliophile’s heaven by making it out of bookshelves. Make sure the shelves are sturdy enough to support your loft furniture. Read before bed each night without clambering down an awkward ladder each time you need a new book.

4.     Add a Workspace Underneath

What’s excellent about loft spaces is that you can open up space underneath or over them for a dedicated workstation. Depending on the dimensions of the space, you can fit in a compact desk and chair along with a laptop, books, etc. It’s perfect for writers living in big cities.

5.     Add Treads to the Ladder

Ladder rungs can be hazardous if you are climbing in a hurry or are unfocused as you climb. Reduce the chances of a severe accident by covering these with padded treads. You can also use rubber and leather options to give your fingers traction.

6.     Use the Lower Bunk as a Day Bed

If you have another bed underneath your loft bed, don’t let it go to waste. Turn it into a daybed by adding pretty cushions which you can use to lounge in or as extra seating. That way, you won’t mess up your bed as you watch Netflix, hang out with friends or read. Decorate it with throw pillows and cushions rather than sheets and pillows.

7.     Add Atmospheric Lighting

If you have to fumble in the dark in your loft bed every time you need to go to the loo, you can take a nasty tumble eventually. Consider adding ambient lighting that won’t blind you when you switch it on. Bedside lamps are more difficult to position. Fairy lights are good options.

You can use them to light your way as reading lights and to add a gorgeous element to your loft bedroom. Some people also install LED lights along curtains for the same effect. These can be installed easily underneath your bed, giving you plenty of light even if your main ones are off.

8.     Choose an Appropriate Size

Space is at a premium in lofts, so the last thing you need is a bed that takes up more room than you can afford. Determine the size you need by taking the space, the size of the people using the loft, and your personal preferences. For example, if you have two small children, get a twin-sized bed they can be comfortable in.

Most average-sized mattresses are 75 to 39 inches wide, so they can easily accommodate adults. You can also get at least 18 sq. feet of space underneath the bed. Make sure there is at least 35 inches of clear space on all sides of the bed so you can move around easily.

A loft bed can be a welcome addition to your home if you entertain guests frequently or are planning to expand your family. Use these ideas to make the most of that limited space.

Living Room Lighting Ideas and Tips to Make the Space Glow

A living room holds the heart of a home. It is where everyone gathers when you are entertaining, having family time, or just chilling at home. Basically, it is a multipurpose space in the house.

Hence, you could put this space in use however you prefer. Before that happens, you require good living room lighting to illuminate it.

Living Room Lighting Ideas and Tips

Let’s look at some living room lighting ideas to figure out how you can make that area glow.

Determine the Vibe

Now, before investing in living room lighting, deciding what kind of vibe you want your living room to have is important. Some people prefer to make the space appear cosy and warm while some might want the room to be lit up and shining bright like a diamond.

Either way, installing the right light will create the mood you want your space to have.

Consider Dimmer Switches

It is impossible to maintain a single vibe every day. There might be days when you want your casa to be your chilling spot, and there will be times when you want to raise the roof with your friends.

So, how can you use your living room lighting to maintain different vibes?

*Drum rolls*

The answer is: A dimmer switch.

Light Up Every Zone

Usually, people with small living spaces like to divide the room into zones to make it functional for everyone in the house. For instance, your kids might like playing on the big, soft rug on the floor, your spouse could have a little office corner to focus on work, and you might like to read with a (big) glass of wine on your favourite chair.

In this scenario, you need lighting that will work for every person. We recommend a chandelier in the middle of the ceiling so that the kids have enough light to engage in play. A table lamp for your spouse to work comfortably and a floor lamp for you to enjoy a peaceful evening.

Accentuate Your Living Room

Led Lights are an excellent addition to the lighting in your living room, especially if you like displaying art pieces in your home. You can bring attention to the design elements in your living room by using the proper lighting. Additionally, it amplifies the design style of your living space.

Some living rooms have accent walls, and such lighting is the perfect fit to accentuate the interiors.

Layer Up Your Lighting

An open-plan living room will require you to strategize your living room lighting. If you refer to the picture above, the wall lights and hanging lights are brilliantly complimenting each other despite being at a distance.

In fact, the positioning is functional without compromising the look and style of the space. This is an excellent way to layer your lighting. Remember not to overdo it. Another great way to layer your lighting is to focus on zones instead of design elements.

Fancy it up with a Chandelier

As mentioned earlier, living rooms are primarily used as multipurpose spaces. Hence, some people want it to be a cross between a formal and casual place to entertain guests and hang out with the family. Although hard to pull off the balance but there is nothing a good chandelier can’t fix.

They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs.

Moreover, the contemporary designs also make the space feel modern and chic. You can also choose to go with a classic. The decision is ultimately yours.

Incorporate Nature through Lighting

Bringing nature into the house is the new it thing. You can install wicker or rattan lights in your living room. They come in different designs and look beautiful in living rooms. It is also an excellent way to make the hanging light a focal point in the design.

Imagine an oversized rattan lamp hanging above a cosy couch with cushions and a comfortable throw. It will escalate the entire look of the room by adding an element of freshness.

Final Note

Living room lighting holds a lot of importance in terms of defining the style. For some reason, we tend to ignore this design element that can turn things around for your living room and elevate the entire space. For more home decor ideas, follow The Rugs.

11 Kitchen Lighting Ideas and Tips to Light Up Your Space

It is essential to ensure there is enough lighting for substantial functionality in your kitchen so you can cook to your heart’s desire.

It is one of the rooms in the house that provides you with a complete sensory experience. Hence, the best way to benefit from this creative and fulfilling space is it incorporates kitchen lighting ideas that will elevate the room for you to work comfortably.

That said, a kitchen requires practical lighting since the room holds a purpose.

Before beginning, let’s discuss the kind of lighting that typically works in a kitchen:

Ambient Lighting: The ambient lighting is supposed to brighten up the room. Its purpose is to provide light to the whole room.   

Task Lighting: The name is self-explanatory. The purpose of task lighting is to provide light to a particular zone in a kitchen where you really need to focus. For instance, the cooking station or the sink.

Accent Lighting: The purpose of accent lighting is to accentuate and highlight the design elements in a kitchen. However, keeping it to a minimum and focusing on practical lighting is better if you use your kitchen for cooking and not just storing food.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas and Tips

Here are some kitchen lighting ideas that will improve functionality and brighten up your kitchen at the same time:

1. Try Pendant Lights for the Island

Pendant lighting looks good in every type of kitchen. With numerous designs to choose from in the market, you can easily find the right one that suits your needs.

Pendant lights can make a kitchen appear stylish and charming. Moreover, they work very well for high-ceiling homes.

2. Contemporary Mix and Match

The contemporary style evolves with time. Currently, a mix and match of different lighting designs are quite the rage in modern kitchens. A row of distinctive designs of lighting over the island or the dining table, especially in an open kitchen.

Make sure the colours combine well with your colour scheme and do not look odd.

3. Brighten Your Entire Kitchen with Ceiling Lights

You can try different elements of lighting to enhance the design and style of your kitchen. However, ceiling lightings are a component of kitchen lighting.

Hence, when browsing for kitchen lighting ideas, consider your ambient lighting since it focuses on the practical use of a kitchen.

4. Match the Aesthetics of Your Kitchen

Your lighting must blend well with your kitchen. The image above is an excellent example of this. A broad and oversized light would have closed up the space and clashed with the entire look making the kitchen look tacky and tasteless.

The intricate design of lighting compliments the atmosphere of the dark kitchen displayed in the image.

Another lighting style could have been accent lights under the top cabinets to highlight the alcove area. Or small glass pendant lights hanging from the ceiling would have been another great way to alleviate the look of this kitchen.

5. Go for Subtle Lighting to Break the Dark Pattern

The lighting in the image is perfect for a dark kitchen. This is an excellent display of what a kitchen can look like with well-blended lights.

This particular kitchen has every kind of light needed in a room; ambient, task and accent lighting. You can see how well-lighted it is despite there being no natural light.

The focus in the kitchen is the hanging light that is also not over the top, making the dark-coloured kitchen look elegant.

6. Light Up Your Alcove Using LED Strips

Some period kitchens have alcoves built in the room. If you plan to remodel, you can fill up the space and change the look of the kitchen. However, if you are interested in keeping that period-centric look, you can use LED strips to accentuate this element.

LED strip lights are quite functional and eco-friendly. Furthermore, they are the right fit to light up corners in a kitchen that tend to get dark.

7. Don’t Forget the Natural Light

Ideally, during the daytime, natural light should be flooding your kitchen. However, if you do not plan well for the electric lighting, you will end up with multiple shadowy corners. In this case, you will have to use the electric lighting during the daytime as well, which wastes a lot of energy and should be discouraged.

This is especially important if you want to incorporate oversized or low-hanging lights.

Of course, if you do not have any windows or doors where light can pass through to the kitchen, you can go wild with your electric lighting planning since your kitchen will need the glow 24/7.

8. Incorporate a Crystal Chandelier

Speaking of elegance, a chandelier is an excellent way to add some poshness and luxury to your kitchen. It is a quick fix to elevate a room.

Moreover, a chandelier in the centre of the ceiling in your kitchen will help improve the symmetry. Balance is an essential component of lighting which will compose the entire look and make the style appear well-blended.

9. Use Glass Lighting to Create Illusion of Space

If your kitchen is small, you can use glass fixtures or lighting to give it a more open and airy look. Since glass is see-through, it doesn’t close up the space and ensures the kitchen does not look cramped.

Furthermore, a glass light is an excellent way to add a design element to your kitchen and makes your kitchen look classy.

Glass lighting is quite versatile and goes very well with every kind of look. Whether you like a dark kitchen or light, glass lighting

10. Illuminate Worktops

One of the most practical kitchen lighting ideas is to illuminate your countertops. This is a very functional tip and comes in handy when you have to work on the countertops.

Not every kitchen has a space for an island. In fact, most people use their countertops to chop vegetables, prepare ingredients etc.

Hence, it is important to light up the right areas to make your kitchen functional and purposeful.

11. Make the Light a Focal Point in the Kitchen

The kitchen in the image is plain and simple. It incorporates natural hues and is blended with white to form a crisp, clean look. The only thing that makes the kitchen pop is the beautiful chandelier hanging from the ceiling.

Imagine the kitchen without the chandelier, and you will understand how dull the room would have looked. Since it is a classic crystal chandelier, the light passes through and spreads to the entire room. It not only looks good but also provides value to the room by fulfilling its purpose.

An oversized hanging light would have taken up space, making the kitchen look closed.

The Final Takeaway

Some people consider their kitchen the most important room in the house. It’s where they cook and eat together and form strong bonds with their families.

This article has plenty of kitchen lighting ideas and tips that will help you illuminate your cooking space.

Incorporating different styles of lighting ensure that your kitchen is functional yet chic. Remember to plan well and also focus on the design that you would like. You must note that everything should combine together to form structure and balance with the right elements.

If you would like to read more about such home and interior styling ideas, follow The Rugs and elevate the looks of your home.

Gardening Tips to Landscape a Small Yard

Do you have a little backyard but a big imagination? You are fortunate. You may find some incredible little yard landscaping ideas that spark your imagination. That little piece of land may soon resemble a true garden retreat. Even modest backyards may be customized to meet your requirements, whether you desire the room to host people or appreciate having a peaceful retreat in nature.

Landscape a small yard into a beautiful garden with these tips.

Plan It Properly

While it may seem that having a tiny yard open and unorganized would make it seem larger, the contrary is true. Organizing is the key to creating a more relaxed vibe. Your little yard’s areas should be marked with their intended uses. Create a stone patio to mark off an eating or relaxing space, or use plants to divide a play area and dining area. It will seem like there is now a lot more room.

Establish Compact Backyard Areas

Split the open spaces into tiny spaces to make them seem bigger. Such a small yard landscaping concept may sound counterintuitive, but we guarantee it works. Create various seating arrangements and pathways to separate a compact backyard landscape into inviting sitting areas.

Layered Terrain

Creating a tiered environment, similar to what is seen in nature, is a simple backyard concept for tiny yards. You can create a similar effect with a tiny yard landscaping by picturing a forest with ferns, shade-tolerant understory plants and trees, low groundcovers, and big overhead trees. Make the most of the flower bed area using elements like bulbs, groundcovers, and crevice plants to build a beautiful tiered landscape!

Make a Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardening is a trend in tiny yard designs. Several readily available items, like the wall planters seen above, enable you to grow plants vertically. You may also make something from scratch. In any case, it invents new areas for planting.

Hanging Baskets with Plants

Speaking of modest backyard ideas, here’s a creative approach to making the most of the available space: make your own hanging planters out of recycled bottles, old jars, and even a shoe!  Of course, numerous pre-planted hanging baskets are available at local nurseries if the aesthetic doesn’t appeal to you.

Select the Correct Trees

If you pick trees that grow up rather than out, you may plant them in a small yard. Dwarf shrubs and thinner, taller forms like columnar evergreens can provide beautiful landscaping without taking up the entire space.

Use Smaller Furniture

Large patio furniture not only takes up a lot of room but also takes up a small backyard. Therefore, stick to smaller pieces, ideally ones with transparent patterns that allow the eye to go further.

Construct Curves

Often, straight garden accents seem cold and unappealing. Instead, use twisting and curving lines, like landscape edging or garden paths, to provide depth and character. The room is opened up and given a feeling of movement by the whirling form.

Little Grower Plants

Growers often release brand-new cultivars with unique traits. A dwarf habit is one of them. You have the option of growing a pine that develops at 1 foot or 80 feet when thinking of landscaping ideas. The former option leaves you with ample room to place companion plants.

Using Crevice Plants

The majority of gardens include crevices, so why not make use of them? These areas are ideal for succulents like sedum and hen-and-chicks (Sempervivum), which thrive in these typically sparse and arid conditions. They beautify the area and soften the impact of the rough surfaces.

Utilize Color Wisely

Place big, vibrant flowers directly in view for a functional, beautiful, tiny yard landscaping design. The remainder of the little garden landscape will seem to retreat and feel bigger since your eye naturally gravitates toward them.

Develop Your Tiny Backyard into a Destination

A fire pit with welcome seats can be the focal point of your little garden setting. The compact backyard seems larger by placing the sitting area right next to a concrete patio and adding a second seating area adjacent to the fence.

Creating a Focal Point for the Yard

A focal point may capture attention and make outdoor areas seem more finished; a terrific small-yard landscaping concept will do you well. A simple sitting area and vertical garden can take centre stage and provide a calming corner in this space.

Now you know how to landscape a small yard with these gardening tips!

Four Easy Ways to Preserve Flowers and Their Décor Ideas

Flowers hold an extraordinary place in our hearts. Whether it’s a long-stemmed rose received by someone special, a bridal bouquet, or a gorgeous collection of flowers handpicked by your children, we all hold sentimental values toward flowers, but their beauty, scent, and colour can rapidly degrade if we do not take measures to dry and preserve our flowers.

1.    How to Preserve Flowers After Drying

The air drying technique involves hanging your bouquet upside down, which strips excess moisture from the flower stems and preserves them. This process is lengthy and can take two to three weeks. The flowers must be kept in a well-ventilated and dry room so mold cannot attack and destroy the lovely petals.

  • Remove extra foliage from your flowers and cut the stems until they are at least 6 inches long.
  • Tie their stems together using a ribbon or rubber band.
  • Hang them upside down, and make sure they are away from direct sunlight.
  • When thoroughly dried, spray the flowers with hairspray to ensure the crispiness of the petals.

2.    How to Preserve Flowers in a Book

Pressing flowers in a book increases the time they take to dry out completely. On the bright side, it is easy to dry and preserve flowers if you do not want to keep their stems, and this process has little chance of messing up the preservation. Place your flower between waxed papers, which will absorb their moisture, and the result is a dried flower that is preserved forever.

  • Take a heavy, preferably hardcover book.
  • Trim the stems till the flower head.
  • Open the book and place a sheet of waxed paper on it.
  • Place the flower on top of it close to the middle of the book and gently press the book close, enclosing the flower between two sheets of waxed paper.
  • From time to time, take out and replace the waxed paper.
  • After four weeks, the flower is desiccated and preserved.

3.    How to Preserve Flowers in Resin

To preserve flowers in epoxy resin, dry them using the air drying method. Using your flowers, you can use resin moulds in any shape you like and create pendants, paperweights, or key chains. This process requires more work, as the setting of the resin is a tricky process.

  • Mix equal amounts of resin and catalyst using the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Take a silicone container and pour the set epoxy resin.
  • Delicately arrange your flowers any way you want, and then fill the rest of the container with epoxy resin.
  • This method will create a beautiful decorative piece that will keep your flowers in bloom forever.

4.    How to Preserve Flowers in a Microwave

Flowers can be dried and preserved using a microwave and silica gel. This technique preserves the flowers’ colour so the microwave’s heat does not leech it out. Silica gel is a desiccant and helps drive moisture out from the flowers. This process is quick and used to preserve flower heads and small plants.

  • Place your flowers in a container not used for food, and cover its bottom surface with a layer of silica gel.
  • Place your flower blooms side up, and then delicately pour more silica gel over it.
  • Heat it at various intervals, checking every few minutes to see if the flowers are completely dried.
  • Let the flowers sit for 24 hours, after which you can brush off the gel from the petals with a brush.

Simple Décor Ideas for Your Preserved Flowers

1.     Frame Your Pressed Flowers

What’s a better decoration for your walls than your wedding bouquet? Pick out a few or all flowers from your bridal bouquet and frame them in however arrangement you like.

2.     Use Them in Scrapbooks

You can stick single or multiple flowers in your scrapbook and jot down the memories attached to those flowers in a scrapbook. You will have a tangible experience with the flowers whenever you open up the scrapbook and read its contents.

3.     Gift the Dried Flowers to Someone

Make resin ornaments and gift items using your dried flowers, which look aesthetic and natural and have emotions attached, which is much better than giving a meaningless gift to someone.

What is Feng Shui & How to Use Colours?

Alright everyone, today’s topic is ‘’ What is Feng Shui & How to Use Colours’’ – Colour is a simple and accessible way to start applying feng shui principles to your home. There are many different ways to work with color and feng shui, and each color has many layers of connection and meaning. A colour can represent an energy, from one of the many energy systems in feng shui. When you are adding colour to your home for a feng shui reason, it is powerful to have a specific intention in mind for how you would like that colour to support you.  

What Does Green Mean in Feng Shui?

When you add a certain colour with feng shui in mind, that colour can do much more besides just making your space look a certain way. When you apply green to your home with the intention of bringing in a specific type of energy to support you, it can really take your decorating to the next level. Green can be especially helpful if your intentions are to invite more flexibility and compassion, improve family harmony, start something new, or inspire new ideas and creativity.  

Use Green In Your Home

There are many ways you can bring green into your home with paint, furniture, artwork, textiles, and other decor items. As you’re deciding how to incorporate green into your space, consider selecting a shade of green that matches your intention and the kind of energy you want to cultivate. Choose a crisp, clear green if you want to cultivate uplifting wood element qi. To invite more healing and soothing energy, look for a soft blue-green. If you feel stuck and in need of an energy boost, try a deep forest green. To stimulate creativity, add a brighter green with yellow undertones.  

Use Green in Your Daily Life

Feng shui isn’t just for your house! There are many ways to work with feng shui and color outside of your physical living space. For example, you can add green to your wardrobe for a pick-me-up. When you feel a little uninspired or low energy, try putting on something green, like a shirt, scarf, or even jewelry with green stones.

Plants and Greeneries

When it comes to greens, don’t limit yourself. Houseplants are a great way to bring the color green into your home without painting a thing. They embody the wood element, and their upward growth is a powerful metaphor. Plants also require care and attention, and they can teach us many valuable lessons about kindness, compassion, and caring for other living beings.

Top Home Decor Ideas

When you are planning to move to a new house or do an entire renovation of the house, it can be a perplexing yet astounding decision! With the mind flooding with ideas, choosing the perfect style for your home is often challenging.

The one thing that you should always focus on while decorating your house is:

Get things that bode well with your comfort level!

Your house is your personal space that should reflect your personality and style and add a happy vibe rather than an edgy, uncomfortable home grilled with furniture.

Try out the home décor ideas mentioned below to add a sparkle of elegance to your home.

Go For A Neutral Theme

A neutral theme can work better than you think if your detailing is adequate. You can add shelves with hints and golden textures, adding subtle yet significant uplift to the room.

Create A Reading Nook

If your house does not have a reading corner, you can create one easily. If you do not have extra space to leave for this, you can design one in your living room. All you need for it is some extra space and some fabric, and you can create a cosy yet sophisticated reading corner with it.

Keep Tabs On the Measurements

You must ensure that you have the rooms’ measurements in your head. You do not want to buy a giant painting for a small space; it will make the room look congested. Or, stacking up tiny frames on a vast wall will ruin its effect. So, it would help if you got what suits your needs the best. The same goes for the sofas; set them according to your room’s size and theme. A giant sectional cramped in a small space would not style the room up; but rather make the room confined and messy.  

Try Out Black Paints

Black can be a hard decision to make. While it is a bold decision, it can be quite a look to manifest on your walls. You can add a soft black colour to the bedroom walls, which can help you achieve a brilliant appearance in the room.

Accentuate The Frames Of The Windows

While accents can be added to the accessories, you can also build them through the colours. You can work with the window frame and paint it to add accents, resulting in a striking combination with it. So, you can create a strong contrast and help the window stand out.

Add Some Style To The Fireplace

Many people do not pay much attention to the fireplace and end up sad-looking! So, you can add textures and style to the fireplace by adding a small gallery exhibiting some artwork or pottery; this would look good and add elegance to the place.

Include Faux Panelling

Introduce faux panelling to your walls; this can bring a creative and aesthetic vibe to your house. Be a little creative with the setting, and you can add up seamed wallpaper panels and add up a sofa right beneath it; make sure the sofa is the perfect size for it as it would help generate a symmetrical vibe in the place.

Add Trims To Cushions And Curtains

While this may seem a little surprising, the trims can help in creating an elegant look to the place. You can work with the cushions and curtains and add a couple of trims to them. You can add the throws, cushions, and tassels to make the appearance stunning.

Add A Treat To Your Windows

Roman shades can be a treat for your windows that can make a world of difference! Use the small patterns to deck up your windows; it can add a brilliant style to your house and can spruce up the entire place with it.

Decorate The Panels Of The Door

You can add the panels on the door; this can be a really interesting thing to do. The door’s beauty would intensify, and they would increase the house’s appeal.

Another option is adding wallpapers to the doors; they are well-known to be adding beauty to houses. The best choice for wallpapers for doors is peel and stick; they tend to avoid damaging the doors.

Style The Bookshelf

Fill up the bookshelf with a contemporary style and hint it up with sleek touch; they go really well for the bookshelf. Add books and accessorise them with sculptures and beautiful vases. You can also colour-coordinate the books. This is one of the home décor ideas that never goes out of style.

End Note

Use these tips and tricks to spruce up your house. These ideas will help make the place sophisticated and chic while adding a touch of elegance to the house. For more home decor ideas, follow The Rugs.

7 Wall Decor Ideas to Breathe Life Into Your Living Space

There are few things in life more depressing than bare walls. When you first move into a living space, all the empty walls are like canvases, waiting to be filled in with your personality. Choosing to leave them empty is dull and uninspiring. Trust me; you will not get the next big idea surrounded by beige walls. It’s time to get your creative juices flowing and transform your living space using creative wall décor that reflects you. There is so much to work with that this can be a fun little side project for you. You can go classy and understated, or you can go all-out flashy.
You can buy little houseplants to keep on the shelves to keep you company, or you can go the classic photograph gallery route. The possibilities are endless, and the best part is the décor can all be customised according to your interests.
If you’re looking for ideas to transform your living space into an extension of your personality, try these 7 wall décor ideas to make your walls come alive.

1) Green Walls

We can all agree that houseplants are a Godsend that can transform any place and instantly uplift the vibes there. Being around greenery is calming and brings a piece of nature right next to you, keeping you firmly connected to the outdoors even in an artificially constructed environment.
However, it isn’t necessary to keep your plants on your windowsills. There are now many ways where you can incorporate plants into your wall décor and keep that green, leafy wonder right into your line of vision. This wall décor idea is perfect for plant and nature enthusiasts and a shift away from typical wall décor.
Use small hanging potted plants to hang on your walls. Numerous hanging plants on the wall can create a lush green canopy of sorts which is very aesthetically pleasing. Wall-mounted planters also work wonders. If you have an issue with regularly watering the plants, you can also opt for the artificial kind.

2) Personalised World Map

This wall décor is for adventure and travel enthusiasts. If you have been an ardent traveller or are clamouring to become one, this wall décor can be a flex or motivation, depending on your circumstances. Use a large world map for wall décor and personalise it by marking all the places you have been to or are planning to go to. A bonus advantage is that the map can also be used as educational geography material.

3) Photo Gallery

This idea is not exactly winning any awards for creativity, but there’s a reason the classics remain eternal. A curated photo gallery reflecting your life can be a true expression of your personality. Wall décor is about aesthetic expression and choosing things you want to look at.
Photos on your wall showing the best times you had and people you have in your life is a constant reminder of what it’s all about.

4) Paint a Mural

This option can be a DIY project for you to work on, or you can commission an artist. Murals are beautiful and can instantly transform the vibe of any space.
Depending on the art, murals can rouse all sorts of emotions. A seaside mural can keep you tranquil even in the smallest spaces. Murals are timeless and can transport you into another place while sitting in your house.

5) Bright String of Lights

It is a universal truth that adding a string of twinkling lights to any space immediately turns it into a whimsical place filled with possibilities.
There are several supplementary lighting available that you can use to illuminate your walls and your lives. As we all know, good lighting solves most problems in life and makes for excellent social media posts.

6) A Giant Blackboard or Whiteboard

A giant blackboard or whiteboard, when installed on your wall, is an example of practical wall décor that is functional and sets a tone for your living space. Whether you want to scribble out your thoughts, the song lyrics you can’t get out of your head, or want to plan out your entire life, this wall décor is an excellent addition to any wall and a pretty literal way of expressing your personality.

7) Bookcases

This wall décor idea might be for the more academically inclined people, however, it can be used for primarily aesthetic purposes as well because let’s be real, massive bookcases just look great and make you look smart. So many of us buy books that we intend to read but never get around to do it. Use these wall decor bookcases to store those books and hope and pray that you get around to reading them.


The Best Outdoor Rugs that Will Transform Your Patio

Hey, today we’ll be talking about the best outdoor rugs that will transform your patio almost with one click. With every passing day, the sun is shining later into the evening and the weather is getting warmer. So if you’re planning to spend as much time as possible outside for the next few months, it’s high time to spruce up your outdoor space. The first order of business? A great outdoor area rug. Design pros insist that a rug is just as important outdoors as indoors. Even with the perfect outdoor design plans, packed with outdoor furniture, dreamy string lights, and a lush garden of plants, your space will still need a rug to pull it all together. The good news is that outdoor rugs are typically as affordable their indoor counterparts on our website, meaning you won’t have to drop a small fortune to complete your outdoor beauty.



Our outdoor rugs are made of durable water-resistant materials. This makes them safe for all weather conditions and surfaces like wood and stone because they don’t absorb or hold water.

It also means they’re super easy to wipe clean or even spray off with a garden hose.  You’ll first want to consider your rug’s materials. Our materials are easier to clean than others and require different types of care. Beyond basic water resistance, you should lookout for a fade-resistant UV coating that will protect the rug from sun damage. However, you won’t need to look any further to find a rug that ticks all these boxes.

Ecology Collection Outdoor Rugs in Black | 100bl

This traditional outdoor rug has an intricately detailed medallion pattern and is available in diferrent colours like this orange and blue option. It is fade, weather, and stain-resistant. It’s also one of our best seller outdoor rugs.

Ecology Collection Outdoor Rugs in Orange

This graphic outdoor rug will add a bold modern flair to your outdoor space. The pattern will add interest to any color scheme.

Magic Collection Outdoor Rugs in Cream | 3610

This large 100% polypropylene area rug will hold up to the elements for months if not years. Simply hose down the rug to clear off any dirt and debris.

Moroccan Outdoor Area Rug

In a classic Moroccan trellis print, this rug stands up beautifully in high-traffic areas.

Of course, these are some of the examples. In a nutshell, our versatile outdoor rugs are multifunctional: their colourful designs and stripes bring a refreshing variation in the gardens, patio, conservatory or even sometimes indoors. Rather than other outdoor rugs made of plastic, these rugs are more durable in any conditions thanks to 100% Polypropylene material. They are both resistant to moisture and dirt can simply be wiped clean or hose off. Actually, that’s why we call them the the best outdoor rugs that will transform your patio.


Everything You Should Know about Outdoor Rugs

As we are officially in summer finally, everything you should know about outdoor rugs are almost in this blog. Whether you want to spend your time in your patio, balcony, on your deck or next to your pool, our outdoor rugs are more than a good-looking rug. It’s functional, durable and affordable at the same time. When you place our rug on your deck, good news, you won’t have to sacrifice your deck that you’ve probably spent a good amount of money on! Furthermore, it will add and reflect a piece of your character into your garden. So, boost effect and positivity of the summer baby.

Is it OK to put an outdoor rug on a wooden deck?
Firstly, the outdoor rugs that trap in water will definitely damage wood decks. For instance natural fibers such as jute and sisal will trap in water. However, since our outdoor rugs are made out of polypropylene, that is a great material for outdoors as it is fade and stain resistant, won’t give any damage to your wooden deck.  


Can you leave outdoor rugs outside?
Our outdoor rugs are water and weather resistant. Simply put, they barely absort water, they dry a lot quicker after getting wet. Thanks to these characteristics outdoor rugs can be left outside and stay outside even in the rain.


Is a polypropylene rug waterproof?

Because of its ability to absorb, polypropylene makes for a great waterproof outdoor rug. Furthermore, it will not grow mold or mildew when exposed to water – strengthening its durability. It means it won’t damage your patio or cause any smell.

We might have to spend a lot of time when trying to decide on outdoor furniture and items. As much as our indoor pieces should be completing and in harmony with another, an outdoor rug should take on the same functionality. So, before and after buying, you should make sure you are ticking all the boxes. Down below, I will shortly list some of the basic points about what you should and NOT do: 



  • Do find an outdoor rug style/design that will compelete your outside decoration.
  • Do use a rug pad with your outdoor rug.
  • Do measure your space and be careful about the size and shape you imagine.
  • Do choose an outdoor rug that accents the space it’s going to inhabit.



  • Don’t directly bring your outdoor rug into your indoor space; you might need to get rid of the dust and residues first.
  • Don’t be afraid of being brave when choosing an outdoor rug that has vibrant colours. Besides colours, repetitive or different patterns as well can be ideal
  • Don’t forget to measure your space before buying or have a look at our size guide on the product page.


Alright folks, these are the the quick and important information for outdoor rugs.


Outdoor Rugs In a Nutshell

We searched the questions asked the most by different people on the internet and tried to collect information about outdoor rugs in a nutshell. So, without further ado, let’s go!

The first question will be very very basic which is:

“Why do I need an outdoor rug?”

An outdoor rug serves the same purpose as an indoor area rug: it pulls your seating area together into a single, unified space that’s inviting and comfortable. It shows an attention to detail, allowing you to create a truly personalized decor for your yard. It has the added value of helping you keep dirt and other outdoor residues outside where it belongs. In addition, if you’ve spent lots of money building the perfect deck or patio, you want to protect that investment. A well-constructed outdoor rug helps protect the wood or stone surface from scraping furniture legs.


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Outdoor Rugs

For an outdoor rug to be called high quality, it needs to be durable and withstand the stresses of the natural environment and some processes. It means you need to pay attention to which material your outdoor rug is made from. Thanks to modern advances in fabrication, the material called Polypropylene is accepted as the most durable material to manufacture an outdoor rug.

Polypropylene doesn’t absorb liquid or stains. Outdoor rugs made of 100 percent polypropylene resist mold and mildew. Additional UV treatment that our outdoor rugs have prevents fading due to exposure to sunlight. Users can clean them easily with a hose, or with a wet cloth.

To summarize, this textile is well known to be durable and long-lasting. When shopping for an outdoor rug, keep this feature in mind.

Do outdoor rugs get ruined by rain?

Because of the reason I’ve just mentioned above, thanks to their materials outdoor rugs don’t get ruined. They are definitely water and weatherproof. Outdoor rugs are designed to be outside all year round and can withstand sun, rain, sleet, and snow. So, you can use and enjoy your outdoor rug without any stress.


How Do You Clean an Outdoor Rug?

Firstly, sunny and breezy days might be better to clean it. However, the steps you need to follow are extremely simple. First, vacuum or sweep. Or, you can shake off the loose or debris. 

Then, you have a few different options: You can hose it down and simply leave it to dry without doing anything extra. If you like, you can clean it with a wet cloth.

Another option: You can put some mildly warm water in a bucket and some mild detergent. With the help of a soft brush, you can clean it that way and leave it to dry. It’s as simple as that.

Are outdoor rugs safe?

Outdoor rugs are made to withstand lots of traffic and rough conditions, making them an excellent choice for homes with kids and pets. They are also moisture-resistant, which means using an outdoor rug in moisture-prone areas such as the basement, laundry room and bathroom are smart solutions to prevent mold or mildew.


Are polypropylene rugs toxic to dogs?

Made of strong and safe synthetic fibres, polypropylene rugs are completely not toxic at all. It is making them perfectly safe for your pets outdoors. You can feel confident that your dog, cat, bunny, or other animals can play safely and freely on your area rug without sacrificing their health.


Design Tips for Rentals

We live in a world and era where the majority of people rent and if you also live in a rental place and need some Design Tips for Rentals, here we go. 

First Design Tips for Rentals: Use Area Rugs

Honestly, if you don’t like what you see when you look down at your floor, you’re kind of stuck with that flooring. Because there’s not a whole lot you can do with it. That’s not something you can swap out yourself and no amount of stickers or deckles is going to save you. However, you can cover it up. So, do you think if you have like really like that low pile carpet that you can just very easily put an area rug over or if you have hardwood or laminate even better? You can always make it your own so whether you maybe want to decorate more in a boho style or something Scandinavian. In a nutshell, instead of having no end conversations with your landlord, covering that area with a rug will be much easier, time and money-saving. The mentality here is if you can’t remove them, cover them! 😎


Second Design Tips for Rentals: Change the lighting to create a focal point

Because of the title, what I will be talking about might look a little bit off the topic but believe me, it’s not! So, keep going. Just swap out lighting fixtures. Lighting fixtures might be a great way to make a focal point in your home because of the light upright in the centre of the room. With the correct lighting fixture, you can create a really amazing focal point. you can always just swap it out for yourself again Maybe, your landlords aren’t interested in putting in some super amazing fabulous lighting fixtures but that doesn’t mean you can’t. So, you take the old ones, stuff at where those old faucets are. Then, you will how everything in your plays a role like a puzzle and completes and boosts one another. For instance, if you have a white fluffy shaggy rug or these vibrant eye-catching rugs, and if you support the other items in your room with proper lighting, everything will show off their colours and design. And your space will feel like professionally designed.


3rd Tip

Again, as I’ve just mentioned above, today I’m going with the different points that will actually complete and stick to each other, That is, paint your walls. It will really refresh the vibe of your space. And if you have or are about to have a rug in your space that might not look cohesive, renovating your walls might be a good choice. In the previous paragraph, I mentioned that these points, your rugs, furniture, your lighting and wall play a crucial role in each other. At this point, your imagination and taste in design definitely step in. If you have a rich patterned rug, you might want to go for a calmer colour on a wall or you can even mix and match. If you have plain but a colourful rug, you can make a contrast and balance it. Let your imagination take the wheel.

The Best and Affordable Outdoor Rugs

Hey, summer is around the corner so it means you might be looking for the best and most affordable rugs for your patio already. Also, with the summer approaching, we will finally have more chances to spend our time outdoors 😍 Alright, I know we live in the UK. So, the weather may be unpredictable sometimes. Therefore, we might need to show our lovely patios a little extra treat.

The Best and Affordable Outdoor Rugs: Size of Your Space

No matter what size your balcony or patios is, an outdoor rug is always the easiest way to decorate your space. It offers a practical and affordable way to spruce up your garden without spending lots of time and space or getting lost in some technical details. So, that’s why we love outdoor rugs 🌞 Other than that, our outdoor rugs, which are in fact very suitable for indoor use, especially in the summer months, will easily add warmth and beautiful ambiance to your patio or decking area. You know we always say one of the easiest ways to combine is to mix or match with your cushions and other details. No doubt, in recent years our outdoor spaces have been as important as indoor areas. If we suppose we will spend most of our time in our patios, personalising your space will be entertaining.

The Best and Affordable Outdoor Rugs: Durability

I can hear you wonder and ask “What if it rains?” No worry, we got you covered. All of our outdoor rugs are extremely weather-proof. It means they dry themselves very quickly. Furthermore, you can clean them with no fuss by hand or even hosing down. Then, all you will need to do is to leave them for drying.

PS: However, we suggest you take your outdoor rugs inside during the winter to be able to maximise the duration and protect it. They would be a lovely match for your indoors as well.

Our outdoor rug is an easy and affordable way to reflect your personality into your garden and transform your space into an eye-catching area by creating a focal point. You will be able to enjoy yourself with your loved ones and the whole family. Breakfasts, dinners or cocktail parties will be more delicious. So, finally, let us show some of our rugs. Here, you will see rugs that will meet your expectations and tick all the boxes. From minimal to geometric, colourful to striped, you can find your outdoor rug for your taste,

Let’s See Some of the Favourites

Magic Collection Outdoor Rugs in Cream | 3610

Cream Outdoor Rug for Patio & Garden are extremely versatile and multifunctional: their colourful designs and stripes bring a refreshing variation in the gardens, patio, conservatory or even sometimes indoors.

We are so happy to introduce one of our outdoor rug collections “Magic Collection”. Magic Outdoor rugs and runners are very durable and can withstand all outdoor weather come rain or shine.

Rather than other outdoor rugs made of plastic, these rugs are more durable in any conditions thanks to 100% Polypropylene material. They are both resistant to moisture and dirt can simply be wiped clean or hose off.

Ecology Collection Outdoor Rugs in Black | 100bl

While creating a contemporary look in your space, this rug will give you the sensation of colourful and dynamic feelings in your garden.

Ecology Collection Outdoor Rugs in Grey | 500g

If you are more into minimalistic designs, the warm and neutral tones of this lovely rug would be suitable for living room or garden.

Five Life-saver Steps in Wall Decoration

For a decoration enthusiast, this blog, Five Life-saver Steps in Wall Decoration can’t be more helpful and the walls of a space are just a blank canvas waiting to be filled in creatively! But decorating a wall is not as easy as it seems. has determined 5 steps for you to follow in wall decoration.

For a decoration enthusiast, the walls of a space are just a blank canvas waiting to be filled in creatively! But decorating a wall is not as easy as it seems. has determined 5 steps for you to follow in wall decoration.

1) Determine your Colour Palette

When designing your walls, be sure to use your wall colour; take into account the main colour theme of your furniture and the contrast look you want to see on your walls. Otherwise, the pieces that you hang on your wall just because you like the colour / shape – which are actually stylish and stylish in themselves – may get lost due to the inconsistency of colours.

For example, white or neutral colour walls and a black metal modern wall art create a nice contrast. As in this example.

2) Do not Ignore the Issue of Ratio

Unfortunately, one of the most common mistakes made when decorating a wall is using the wrong proportions. This mistake causes giant wallboards to be hung on the walls of small rooms as well as resulting in the use of small and insufficient wall accessories on the walls of large rooms. However, when decorating the house, we need to apply the same rule in wall decoration as we proportion the furniture according to the size of the room.

You should use wall decorations that are suitable for the size of your living room walls. Choosing compositions that are suitable for the decoration style prevailing in your home and that have a story in themselves will make your walls look magnificent without much effort. Here, you can use a single piece of décor suitable for large walls, or you can make use of multiple pieces. A single piece of big wooden wall art can fit your living room perfectly, like this.

Or you can turn to options consisting of more than one piece for large walls: just like this.

The same model can also be used for kitchen wall decorations. It is a model where simplicity is at the forefront for those who want to add a natural touch in their kitchens. Adding a different atmosphere with the use of geometric patterned tiles on the kitchen wall, the harmony between the wall décor and the kitchen is at the highest level.

3) Do not Ignore the Possibility of Asymmetry and Curvature

Especially if you are designing a gallery wall, there is one important thing you need to do before picking up a few nails with a hammer: Measure the points where you will drive the nails. You can use a tape measure/ruler to do this, or you can take measurements with the help of a spirit level. Even if the gallery wall design you will make is asymmetrical, not paying enough attention to the parallelism of the parts may prevent you from getting the impressive result you expect.

4) Do not use simple wall stickers

If you have more than enough empty walls and you are looking for a simple way to make them look full and stylish, do not resort to simple wall stickers that look cheap! It can be an economical wall decoration option for children’s / baby rooms. However, no one wants an unappealing image. Instead, you can use the high-energy lotus, which reflects deep energy, to look at when you feel low and you need some inspiration. As an outdoor wall decoration; you can use this lotus on your garden wall, too.

You can check for more affordable wall décors.

5) Do not choose the wrong wall clock

Do not simply say “After all, the wall clock is useful for learning the time”; because a carelessly chosen wall clock can ruin the job in an instant. When choosing a wall clock, it should be compatible with other wall panels and wall art if possible. Opt for a neutral and minimalist design whenever feasible. Otherwise, your walls may appear runny and tiring for the eyes. You can check dozens of wall clock models here. Do not forget to check the related articles on our blog for our suggestions about wall clocks.

And that’s a wrap! The blog of Five Life-saver Steps in Wall Decoration ends here. We hope it’s been helpful for you.

How to Decorate Small Spaces and Rooms

In this blog, we will talk about how to decorate small space and rooms briefly. Then, let’s carry on 😍

How to Decorate Small Spaces and Rooms: Tip #1

Don’t be afraid of dark colours or don’t be afraid of sort of saturated colours. When you go with darker or more saturated colours, you are creating space that’s looking more interesting and deeper actually. And don’t forget to add some lights to your space if you can. This way, your efforts will pay off and you will have created a moody and eye-catching ambiance. So first that needs to be said, don’t be afraid of going dark. You don’t have to paint your walls in white or scatter white items all over your room. That would be the classic way. However, you might want to go more authentic and creative.

How to Decorate Small Spaces and Rooms: Tip #2

Let your room breathe. It means giving some space around the furniture pieces to allow for the movement of people. In most small spaces, they tend to look really cluttered when furniture pieces start knocking against each other. Because small spaces look smaller when they are too cluttered. I’m not saying you have to be minimalist although that can be one route to go and create a more breathing space. What I mainly mean is you should be more mindful when choosing the right size items for your room.


Tip #3

Get the right-sized rug. If you have a rug that is way too small, that’s the case I’m seeing in small spaces though, it will make your space feel even smaller. What you might want to avoid is having that rug in the center of your room that’s maybe just got the coffee table on it but it doesn’t have any of the furniture legs on it, that’s definitely a no-go! That’s not how you should style your rug. One of the best things you should do, you actually have a couple of good options I would say:

Number 1: Having all of the furniture legs on your rug. That is a great option. However, that might be harder to do in smaller spaces. If you have a small space, what you should do is putting the front two legs of your furniture on the rug. So you’ve maybe got half the furniture on the rug. I believe that’s a good compromise. So that would be our number 2 option.

The first option here would probably be more if useful if you had a bigger space but not so practical in a small space. However, you don’t go too small with the rug even if you have a small space. So, having a normal-sized rug according to your room’s size and having the second solution is a good option.

That’s all, folks. The blog “How to Decorate Small Spaces and Rooms” hopefully has been helpful for you.

Home Decoration Trends of 2022


Home Decoration Trends of 2022 To Upgrade Your Home

The emerging new home decoration trends of 2022 have something for everyone. You can choose the tranquil or relaxing back-to-nature looks.

Whatever trend you choose, you can’t go wrong. Because it’s all about self expression. It’s making the most of the space to create a happy home.

Home Decoration Trends of 2022 To Upgrade Your Home: Soothing and Minimal Japandi

 As we talked about in our previous blog, Japandi is a trend that combines relaxing, minimalist décor with a neutral palette and natural materials to create a restful retreat for our living spaces. Colour palette tend to be little bit darker. It tends to embrace a lot of earthy tones such as rust, browns, beiges and greens etc. This use of dark colours and earth tones are meant to evoke sort of a feeling simplicity and tranquil space which is looking beautiful and comfortable.

japandi style

Home Decoration Trends of 2022 To Upgrade Your Home: Falling in love with Blue

Blue is one of the colours that require our eyes to do almost no adjusting, which will help to create a feeling of restfulness and harmony in the home. Not only does the shade bring a sense of calm, but it is also vibrant, injecting more life and energy into a space than a more traditional neutral tone. Blue works perfectly in busy spaces where you look to form a sense of tranquility, such as a chaotic family living room idea.

blue colours

Grounding Colours

Earthy neutral tones are still a prominent colour trend for living rooms in 2022. Freshen up your lounge and build a tranquil, fuss-free scheme with a clean, nude palette – creating a calming place to spend quality time.

These earthy shades such such as sand and leafy greens will all be popular as we aim to create natural, grounding environments where we can truly disconnect from our busy lives.

Decor in Hallway

 A small hallway can sometimes feel more problematic than purposeful, when it comes to decorating and furnishing. But with the right small hallway ideas this compact space can be a wonderfully welcoming space. When considering a small entryway decor it is best to stick to a neutral colour scheme to enhance the feeling of light and space then inject colour with artwork, flowers and decorative ornament.

hallway decoration

Splash the Greens

Green living room ideas are more popular than ever. Green is the true colour of nature, it is one that we associate with the tranquillity of the outdoors – making it an ideal hue for relaxing areas of the home,

For a restful living space, consider using green in the room for a cosy and embracing feeling.

Express Yourself with Florals

Florals are staging a comeback not only for rugs but also wallpapers, cushions and curtains. Small and traditional floral patterns classic connect us back to nature and raises our mood and positivity.

floral design


As we probably stated before, vibrant colours, mixed patterns, flower or abstract design have been ‘’the new black’’ already this year. Obviously, this trend will keep rising also in 2022. When the corona outbreak happened, we all cultivated the interior designer inside us. Hence we look for ways to breathe new life into our rooms, without a creating an exhausting image, carefully selected mix and match accessories will offer the opportunity to have a little fun and inject personality.

maximalist design

Braving bold colours

We’ve all begun to decorate with more confidence, We’ve become braver with darker hues and are not afraid of making a brighter statement, either. There seems to be a more sophisticated way of using related tones to create a layered and sophisticated interior. Whether that’s through a rug, painting ceilings or decorating all four walls the same colour.

 So there you have it, all the home decoration trends of 2022 to upgrade your home decorating projects for the year ahead.

bold colours
The rugs to warm your Christmas

The Rugs to Warm Your Christmas Time

So, it’s almost Christmas time and we wanted to share our rugs to warm your Christmas! We officially have left summer behind. While we are trying to figure out how fast it went, we are already heading to Christmas! 🎅 So, let’s warm your Christmas time.

That’s probably one of the most exciting and joyful times of the year. So, everybody is giving and receiving gifts and sharing laughs. Huge and garnished tables, shining lights and that cosy feeling of being and celebrating at home. This list very likely can go on though… 🤷🏻‍♂️ However, when we talk about Christmas time, we might think about that cold and windy weather. ❄️

Here, we wanted to collect our warm rugs to make your space feel more welcoming. Because trust me, it’s one of the easiest ways to add your space some colour, personality and warmth. By the way, you might be asking yourself what that warmth means.

This can be about the shades such as red, pink, yellow. Furthermore, it can even be about the texture of the rug such as fringed or faux fur ones. These warm tones and textures will help you create a more welcoming place for your Christmas celebrations 🥳

So, now check all the warm rugs that will easily enrich your colour palette.

floral design

Colourful and Energetic

This rug provides a cosy atmosphere with its design and a pleasant ambience that invites you to relax. Its floral design brings a relaxing atmosphere to your interior with every colour of furniture.

Eclectic Chic

Marrakech collection features a vintage design in contrasting different types of lively and bold colours.

And it’s perfect for adding warmth and style. These unique rugs will complement your interior.

The rugs to warm your Christmas

3D Design is in!

This elegant rug not only impresses with its characteristic pattern but also brings a piece of modern combination into your home. The eye-catching design will decorate your home with a timeless modern look.

Moroccan and Timeless

Rhapsody Rug is a soft and cosy rug woven in different Moroccan patterns. Hence, the timeless designs and colours will bring warmth into your space. This Moroccan style rug is a top-notch luxury. It’s premium quality for your home which makes you feel like walking on the clouds with its high pile.


The Fluffiest You’ll Ever See

A shaggy rug is perfect for adding cosiness to your decor. So, it turns your room into an inviting space with an elegant design.

You will never get enough of this rug. We wanted to show some of the rugs to warm your Christmas this year. We hope it’s been helpful for you!

Mini Modern Garden Updates

Hello everyone, today we will talk about mini modern garden updates! I hope everyone’s had a lovely weekend so far! While we are about to see off the weekend, here we are with a mini weekend read that will energise your garden as we are still able to enjoy in spite of inconsistent weather conditions and dark clouds 🙈

Let’s start 🙌🏻

Mini Modern Garden Updates: Global Influences 🌍

 There are some basic but also unique designs that we can see anytime and anywhere; and these designs literally never go out of style. It’s called “Global Influences”. Probably most of us are quite familiar with these patterns though. It will be of course “diaper pattern” 🧡

Mini Modern Garden Updates

Breezy Blues 🧜🏻‍♂️

You can update your outdoors space with breezy blues. This kind of outdoor rugs create a beautiful scenery especially if you have wooden garden furniture and a relaxed coastal style.

Mini Modern Garden Updates

Add Bright Accents

Draw attention by using a standout colour. It’s a great way of creating a focus point in the gardens. Since the colour is eye catching enough, plain and non‑patterned models would be enough but according to your taste, you can of course splash colours and patterns! 🌟😍


Why, as The Rugs family, do we rock?

In today’s blog, we wanted to go with a slightly different topic rather than product or ‘’inspirations’’ based blogs and we wanted to talk about “Why Do We Rock?”

Okay, let’s be honest, every brand is important and unique for themselves no matter what sector it is in. But when you have a look in a bigger perspective, there are some obvious things that we would like to talk about and remind about our young and dynamic company. Because customer satisfaction is at least as important as some numeric values 😇

Actually, I can count many reasons for that but not to take too long, I will keep them short.


Fast Delivery (like really fast…)

No doubt, now we are all shopping online. Hands down, one of the most exciting sides of shopping online is receiving that parcel and UNPACKING! 🎁

In these cases, you quite naturally don’t want to wait for days or weeks. You want to receive it as soon as possible.

The Rugs would like to introduce ‘’Next Day Delivery”

If you are living in the mainland UK and order during the week, be ready, hurry up and open up some space for your new focal point! It will be in your hands or on the ground next day! 🏡


Why Do We Rock? – Unique Products

As well as being unique, they are really affordable at the same time. However we never compromise on the quality and we are ready to meet your specific expectations.

Looking for a non‑slip rug?

✔️ Here we are

Is your home crowded with kids and babies, your rug gets dirty quickly and you need an easy‑to‑clean rug?

✔️ Our machine washable rugs are definitely what you need.

Do you have a furry friend and are you cautious of their health?

✔️ That’s pretty understandable and it sounds like what our pet‑friendly rugs can sort out. 🐶

In a nutshell if someone asks “Why Do We Rock?”,  as I said earlier, I can probably list many more things but I tried to keep it short. 🤓

Please feel free to share your reviews with us 🧡


Set the scene for summer parties! ⛱

Is everyone ready to set the scene for summer parties? 😍

Let’s raise our glasses to long summer days and warm evenings and the chance to finally get together with friends and families.

No matter you are outdoor or indoor this summer.


We know we couldn’t help saying every time but our one and only outdoor collection is more than enough to cherish and garnish the gardens. As we previously said, especially for those of us who will prefer to do ‘’staycation’’ this summer, we couldn’t think of a better option.

Additionally, classic or playful, bold or subtle, this season’s stripes on fabrics or rugs is a style hero.

204769518_1130128290818676_275921641534275017_n (1)

On the hunt for affordable design?

When you see any rug that has a “designer” vibe, you might suppose they are going to be comparatively expensive. Here, we step in! If you will be indoor this summer enjoying long‑awaited summer with your loved ones, Marrakech collection, celebrating the classic form and avant garde colours all in once, can be the right choice for indoors. If you are saying you love a traditional home home but contemporary details can be so exciting, Marrakech will help you incorporate both 🧡

These beauties will make your home look expensive without the big spend thanks to their unique designs and eye catching colours.

The prices will be the great deal. 💯

marrakech collection

Style Update: Montana

You can also update your indoor space with breezy blues backed with sift greys or pearly whites. Give your space a year‑round glam with traditional theme featuring. Either you fancy a fun house bursting with colours and energy or a house which has softer touches, crisp and clean lines, bright and block colours of Montana will define your home and shape into a more sophisticated look. 💙


Alright folks, that’s all for today! While the summer we’ve been impatiently waiting for is finally here, let’s set the scene for summer parties together.

vintage rugs

Game Changers | Vintage Rugs and more

As summer is coming, from vintage rugs to more inspiration ideas in our minds are exploding and we obviously can’t wait to share them all with you because as we share and create it makes us feel happier  😎

This time we are listing the some of the rugs that have never gone and will go out of style.

Other than that, lockdown restrictions made most of us seek the interior designers, craftsmen and stylists living inside us. With these mini clever tricks, you can be your own stylist. So, when we assume we might be supposed to spend our summer in or homes, we naturally might want to go more unique and stylish in our houses and here are some of the ideas popped up in our minds.

Vintage Rugs

First concept in our blog is unsurprisingly Vintage Rugs. Being called “old‑fashioned” has never been cooler before. Out of many things we can list here, if you fancy a unique yet approachable habitat, the answer is quite obvious and simple. While speaking of Vintage, a nostalgic beaded, floral or repetitive patterns splashed all over may appear in your mind. However, besides that, the other think you should think of how versatile and actually easy they are to combine with. For instance, you combine earthy hues. What does that mean?

Instead of using one colour on the floor, you can go for a multi‑coloured, earthy or blue toned vintage rugs. Shades that sit side by side naturally outdoors like green, grey and brown etc. will effortlessly work in harmony indoors, as well.

Vintage Rugs in a nutshell:

✅ Unique look

✅ Easy to combine

✅ Good mixture of different colours

Bonus: Extremely affordable on the‑ 😎

A beautiful duality: Old & New

What do we mean by that? I don’t know if you have seen our latest collection yet but Marrakech collection probably would be the best example for it. You might think they are similar to vintage rugs we mentioned above but, at least to me, they have a slightly different texture in them, a mixture of ‘’aged look’’ and energetic colours. If you want to preserve the classic and present decoration of your room but want to improve it with a contemporary design, this collection has all it takes! They provide a seamless connection, as the phrase goes, with their rusty looks but energetic colours. It has a softness in its design because of the natural patterns and materials used. It’s airy and the cool colours make it feel so tranquil wherever you put it!


Style Update ‑ A new approach to modernism: Scandi Touches

Heatwave of summer is already hitting well. Fortunately, these game changing but easy to reach modern rugs are a way to cool off the heat. We’ve always talked about minimal shapes or abstract designs but this time let’s have a look on different perpective of Scandinavian models; Tile Styled Rugs.

The thing with the geometric choices is that we mostly go back and forth between asymmetrical or square shapes. So we are delighted to talk about our tile‑like styled rugs in our Gustavo Collection for quick changes. First of all, you will love how natural forms they capture with radiant colours and consistent forms. These geometric designs add an eye‑catching element to any space, without drawing attention away from the decor. This geometric rug combines cubes, vibrant colours to give a 3D look, bring cosiness and floor space that makes the eyes dance.

These colours can open up space, making your room look bigger, brighter and cleaner with their bright combining tones. They can go with almost any colour scheme. As well as providing a canvas for those decorating their interiors, they will bring cosiness to your rooms.

Summer House Decoration Tips

Summer House Decoration Tips

Celebrate the arrival of Spring with colourful rugs

It’s no surprise that it has been a long and tiring winter for all of us and even though the weather may be kind of inconsistent, knowing that the summer is fast approaching to us must be soothing. So, we wanted to give you a few simple and easy to do summer house decoration tips for you!

Whether we can go on vacation this summer or not, we have a different alternative to feel the summer breeze – in our own homes! –

Because sometimes we shouldn’t have to go further than our living rooms or gardens to enjoy and appreciate the summer.

Decorate your rooms with our colourful, patterned and bold selections of rugs. It will not only make your place look better, but also will it bring the summer & spring vibes and help you shake off the winter blues.

Firstly, if you have a plain decorated room, you can play with pastel colours such as green, pink or orange. For instance green will energise your place and add a natural look and warmth that you need for this summer. So, bring in the pastel colours!

Having a plain decorated room is always safe and easy but sometimes trying to get away from it might be demanding. Changing the look of your room starting from the rug will help you create a focal point in an easy way.

Caimas Collection Washable Rugs in Blue | 6000

Click to view the product in the image

Splash the patterns all over your room

For those who have more colourful and dynamic room compared to the option above, all we can say is go bold this summer and splash the patterns.

This trend has been rising throughout the last years not only in home decoration but also in fashion itself. Especially if you have leaf or flower printed cushions, curtains or any kind of furniture, balancing them with a single coloured or more minimalistic rugs is an option but splashing these patterns would be our main option here.

However, if it sounds too extra for you, we got you again.

A small tip: you can break this maximalist look spreading a few neutral – single coloured cushions. Because every detail in your room is a key point.

Last but not least: Monochrome

You can try monochrome trend. I can hear some of you asking “What is even monochrome?”

Let me explain it by giving an example: A monochromatic outfit would consist of different pieces with the same colour – or the same colour but with slightly different shades. You can start with wearing a dark blue jean, an ice blue shirt on top and finish with a turquoise blue jacket.

That would be the short explanation of monochrome. However, you can take this trend and apply in your lovely rooms. For instance if your whole room is in the same shades such as brown, beige or green, you can do the finishing touch with a same coloured rug as your room’s decoration and here you are:

That’s a monochromatic room.

Probably you are always seeing the words of ‘’elegant’’ or ‘’glamorous’’ when you go through pages of magazines, but with simple and easy tricks like these ones, it’s not hard to create that elegant coolness in your home.

That’s all for now! We hope you liked our summer house decoration tips and found it useful. Feel free to share your reviews with us.


As it can be seen, most of the room is in the same or near colours to each other. It can be given as an example.

Click to see the product used in the image.

Most common questions we're asked

Most common questions we’re asked

Most often than not, we’re kind of lazy to check the FAQs page out, isn’t it? We always feel that “Naah, that question’s answer isn’t going to be there”. It’s possible yes. So we thought of creating a blog and answer some specific and most questions we receive on email and social media inbox.

1. When will new stocks arrive for ‘Out of stock’ Products?


The items or sizes that you see ‘Out of Stock’ on our website, are back in approximately 1-2 months.

You can always drop in a message to follow up on this or click the size that you want and a “Notify Me” button will pop up under the add to cart button.

After clicking on Notify Me button, please leave your valid email address. Once the item is back in stock, we will automatically notify you by email.

2. Is it normal to find bumps or creases on a new rug?

Oh yes, it is very normal. Due to the rug being wrapped as a roll, it is natural for those creases and bumps to remain for a while when you first unroll it. So don’t worry, your rug is absolutely normal. To accelerate the process of making your rug flat, please follow the instructions in the ” Rug Guide” attached to your rug which is also explained in the next question.

3. How can I flatten my rug to make it look like the pictures?

The longest a rug would take to flatten is 4 weeks. Usually, this depends on how long it was wrapped too. Some ways you can fasten the process of flattening are:

  1. Fold your rug in the opposite direction to remove the wavy effect
  2. Gently hoover the rug on the top side (Don’t worry, all our rugs are shed free).
  3. Place heavy objects on the edges and centre

These are the three simple ways to flatten rugs but the process needs to be repeated until you see that it’s working.


4. Are all the rugs Machine Washable?

No! Our Popular Machine Washable Rug collections are Caimas Collection, Soft Shaggy Rugs and Washable Shaggy Rugs. You can find the necessary details for each product in its product description which will point out whether it is machine washable or not. If you would like to know more about washable rugs, I really suggest you have a look at our ” Which are machine washable ?” blog so you can have more knowledge.

5. How can I wash the washable rugs?

All you need to do is;

  • fold the rug
  • pop it into the machine
  • set it to 30 degrees ( No tumble dry or bleach)
  • And press start!

Here’s a quick video of how you can wash the rugs in a simple process.

6. Can I put the rug in the dryer after a wash?

We don’t advise it. Why? The heat radiated from a dryer is significantly high which could damage the rugs.

7. How do I return my rug?

While we’re sure you’ll love what you’ve ordered, we understand that sometimes you might have second thoughts. We accept all return request within 14 calendar days from the date the order is delivered.

  • For small size rugs ( up to 90 cm width ), you can directly go to Royal Mail website to book your free return label. You can use this link.
  • Simply type ” The-Rugs” as the retailer name and fill in the required information such as order number and full name.
  • Once you generate your return label, you can drop your order at any convenient post office.
  • For bigger sizes, please contact us with your order number, so we can arrange a collection from your address.
  • Please make sure that the item is well-packed in order to prevent any damage. If we receive the returned item damaged, no refund can be issued.

If you have any other questions rather than most asked questions we’re asked, don’t shy away from emailing us at or send an inbox message on Instagram / Facebook. We’re quite quick with replies even on weekends.

6 Rug Ideas for a Perfect Valentine Theme

6 Rug Ideas for Perfect Valentine’s Theme

It is hard to believe that it has been a year already since the pandemic sent us into a lockdown and now here we are thinking how to treat the person we love when all shops, restaurants and entertainment is closed. But I tell you what isn’t shut down… our love, imagination and, of course, our store which you can find 6 rug ideas for a perfect Valentine’s Theme. I think, more than ever, our souls need Valentine’s Day right now.

It’s time to embrace the challenge and make Valentine’s Day in lockdown the best one yet. It is absolutely possible with a small change in your home.

Are you forced to spend Valentine’s day at home? Are you spending Valentine’s Day in lockdown? Although it doesn’t sound so nice, you sure can make it worth by creating a cosy atmosphere for your loved home.

See our 6 rug ideas for for a perfect Valentine’s theme ;

1. Caimas Collection Washable Rug in Pink


Just picture this beautiful rug, a fireplace, two glasses of wine and a cosy blanket in one frame. Perfect isn’t it? This rug will definitely give you that Valentines Vibe you’re looking for.

2. Washable Shaggy Rug in Red


A fluffy, tightly woven, washable shaggy rug is a declaration of love for the senses. On a Valentine’s evening, you’d want your partner to be in cosy atmosphere and these soft & velvety rugs will be a compliment there.

3. Caimas Collection Washable Rug in Floral

6 Rug Ideas for a Perfect Valentine Theme


Pink flowers. Butterflies. Poetry. What a beautiful combination in one rug. This one’s surely going to give that pleasant ambience that invites you to relax and unwind. This design will be a cherry on top in your bedrooms and kitchens (with a runner option) for this Valentine’s.

4. Montana Collection Modern Rugs in Brown


Sometimes it doesn’t have to be the roses and lilies that add a special element to your designs. It could just be a plain simple, yet modern design to give that elegant look for a perfect romantic evening.

5. Soft Shaggy Rug in Beige


If you’re planning a cosy and cute valentine’s evening, then there’s nothing better than going for a soft shaggy rug because it’s where your partner and you will spend the whole evening. Take a few pillows, a nice blanket, a mini table for dinner and rest on the soft shaggy to spend that romantic evening. It’ll be the best thing ever we guarantee it!

6. Montana Collection Vintage yet Modern Rug


Most often we situate the colours red and pink to add that romantic vibe to a valentine’s evening. But does it always have to be?

Here’s a unique recommendation of a beautifully woven faded vintage design with a modern appeal. Your candlelight dinner is going to be even more special at the dining area when you see the ambience added with this rug.

Hope you like our 6 Rug Ideas for a perfect Valentine’s Theme post and this would help you to pick the best rugs to spend time with your loved ones . Stay Tuned for future posts!