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How to Choose the Best Area Rug

We are talking about one of the most important topics in home design: How to Choose the Best Area Rug. Area rugs can be powerful design tools. Whether they act as artwork for the floor or simply provide a complementary background for the other decor. Imagine taking a room with a classy-looking Morrocan rug. With just one simple switch, a room can go from traditional to modern, classic to contemporary and etc. Deciding which area rug is best involves several key considerations.

How to Choose the Best Area Rug: Rug Styles

There are as many area rug styles as there are furniture styles, lighting styles, or room styles, meaning there’s an almost unending variety of options. Rooms are no longer limited to traditional Persian rugs or classic European styles. Alongside these time-honored options are modern and contemporary alternatives, such as bold florals and strong geometrics.

Before settling on a style, educate yourself about what is available and think about what kind of atmosphere you want to create in your room. Remember that an area rug doesn’t need to match everything in a room, but it should work with the textures and tones of the existing furnishings.

How to Choose the Best Area Rug: Colour

Colour is a natural starting point when choosing an area rug. Obviously, you need to think about what colors you like and what colors you’d like to live with day in and day out, but that’s not all. The colour of your area rug will set the tone for the entire room, so it’s an important decision.

If you already have furniture, consider how different colors will work with your existing items. Rooms with a lot of colour and pattern often work best with a rug that has neutral tones or a single color. If you don’t already have furnishings, consider how different rug colours will work with the tones of the flooring, walls, and ceiling. Rugs can either stand out or blend in, so think about what effect you want to create when considering color.

Rug Patterns

Not everyone is enthusiastic about patterns, but if your furniture and walls are all solid colors, a patterned rug can really bring your room to life. Likewise, if you have patterned furniture, a solid rug can have a grounding, calming effect. It’s all about balance; if your room is already furnished, take this into account before choosing a rug. If the rug is one of the first items you’re purchasing, though, think about what pattern is right for you. Do you want something eye-catching or a little more subtle? The effect a pattern has on a room is closely tied to its colors, so consider how the two will work together.

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