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How to Clean a Rug ?


Regular Vacuum Cleaning

Dust and dirt wear down the fibers in your rug. Place a welcome mat at your home’s entrances to avoid dirt. Regular and thorough vacuum cleaning in the direction of the pile reduces the dust level in your rug. Best results are obtained when the rug surface is dry. Most people are passing the vacuum cleaner over the rug too quickly. No matter how high-powered the vacuum cleaner is or how strong the suction is, you need to pass it slowly over the rug to pick up all the dust and dirt.

Any type of vacuum suction is fine to use on our rugs and you may vacuum clean the rug as often as you like. If you have a rug with fringes, be careful around the fringes, since it tends to get stuck in vacuums. To maintain a long lifespan of the fringe, try not to roll the vacuum over it. There are different types of vacuum cleaners. For the best result it is important to follow the vacuum cleaner manufacturer’s instructions.

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Shading, also known as pile reversal or – wrongly – water marking, is the effect whereby areas appear to become lighter or darker in colour than the surrounding area. It is an optical effect caused by localised changes in the direction of pile lay and made visible by the way light is reflected off the rug surface. It can also be brought about by traffic patterns or unevenness in the floor, but this is NOT a rug defect.


Occasionally tufts may appear above the surface of the carpet. Do NOT pull them out, but cut them level with the surrounding tufts with small scissors.

Fading or Colour Change

The rug may change colour over time for a variety of reasons, usually due to pile flattening, gradual soiling and slight fading of the dyes used to colour the fibres. A good professional cleaning will usually restore the carpet’s appearance. Evenly distributed sunlight actually helps the colours in your rug to remain brilliant. It is best to rotate your rug about once a year so that whatever wear occurs will occur as evenly as possible.

Shedding or Fibre Loss

Many newly manufactured rugs with a cut pile, tend to lose fibre during the first few weeks on the floor. This effect, called shedding or fluffing, is caused by the way the yarn is spun and the rug is made. It is no reason for alarm, but a natural phenomenon, which will stop eventually. Just vacuum the rug a little more gently for the first few weeks and empty the dust bag or receptacle regularly. Wiping the surface with a lukewarm moist cloth helps to eliminate some fibre dust.

Cleaning Methods

Soft Soap and Water

Soap and water work well on most minor stains. Adress the stain as soon as possible after it is created. Dried stains are much more difficult to deal with, though dried mud (and even dried blood) can often simply be brushed away.


Mix a solution of ¼ teaspoon of clear hand dishwashing detergent with 1 cup of water. Stir gently. Apply detergent solution directly to a white cloth. Dampen the rug fibers in the stained area with the cloth. Avoid saturating the rug.


Mix 1 cup of white vinegar with 2 cups of water. Apply the vinegar solution, rinse and blot. Most household spills and stains can be removed using this easy method. For best results, always clean up spots on the rug and spills immediately. Locate your stain on the chart and follow the cleaning steps until the stain is removed.

Dry-cleaning Fluid

Pour dry cleaning fluid over the stain. Blot the stain with a dry, white cloth. After this do the same again now with detergent and rinse with water. Caution: Ensure that no flame or lighted cigarette is near and use in wellventilated areas.

Absorbent Powder

After vacuuming the rug, sprinkle the absorbent powder liberally on the rug, brush it into the pile and then vacuum it out. Using a cleaning powder is an easy way to freshen a rug because the rug is not wetted. It also distorts the pile less and the room is ready sooner. Absorbent Powder may though be less efficient than other methods. Talk powder or salt can also be used to absorb (small) amounts of liquids.

Foam Shampoo Spray

For light superficial cleaning of small rug, aerosol foam shampoos – which can be bought at carpet specialist shops – are very convenient, dry quickly and require no special equipment. First test the shampoo for sticky residue that may attract dust. The foam is sprayed in a thin layer on the carpet, worked in with a wet sponge. Allow to dry and then vacuum. Work in one area at a time. Otherwise, streaking may occur if the foam dries before mopping.

Steam Cleaning

This method is excellent for cleaning moderate to heavily soiled rug. A hot water and detergent solution is sprayed onto the carpet under high pressure to flush out the dirt and soil. This solution is immediately extracted by the vacuum action of the machine. Although machines can be rented, it is best to have spray injection cleaning performed by a professional cleaner because care needs to be taken not to over wet the carpet, distorting the pile and backing. Professional factory cleaning is ideal for rugs and because it can effectively remove all of the soil.

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  1. Vicki Friend says:

    Hi, how would I dry the rug after machine washing ?

    Thank you, Vicki

    1. THE RUGS says:

      Thanks for your message.
      Please do not use tumbler drier for drying your rugs. You can simply lay it out to dry.

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