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How to Decorate Art Deco

In today’s blog, we will talk about how to decorate Art Deco. We’ll look at the details around this style as well as I’ll share with you who this style is for. Maybe, it’s for you. Maybe, you are interested in bringing a little art deco into your life. Alright then, without a further do, let’s get going.

First, let’s talk shortly about what Art Deco is. In fact, it has quite harsh lines and geometric shapes. In Art Deco, you will see lots of circles, squares, triangles, etc.

How to Decorate Art Deco: Who is This Design For?

This is actually for the people who love luxury and drama 🤩 This is for the people looking for interesting, bold, and cool dramatic spaces. Those people are mostly not afraid of saturated colours, contrast, and big bold ideas. They are not looking for a space that’s really quiet.


Tips On How to Design Your Home with Art Deco

First Tip: Consider Going Bold with Colours

It means you can use really big bold saturated colours. I still recommend that you keep it cohesive though. Because some of the successful art deco inspired interiors really borrow from the repetition of different colours throughout the space. So, if you are going to use some of those colours, use them but use them boldly and repeat them throughout the space😍 You can get away with some of those bold and saturated colours, because again this is a very dramatic design style. As we’ve just mentioned this is a trend which is not afraid of statements and drama and you should be either! I believe, going with these bold and brave colours will feel vibrant and fun, which is what Art Deco is all about.

However, we are not saying you are not allowed to use any black or white or any other neutral colours in your space. Absolutely you can. Black and white are in fact very commonly used in art deco to create that contrast.  When you see something that holds contrast, it draws your attention.


Next Tip: Focus on Strong Lines And Geometric Shapes

This trend, as we mentioned again, is not particularly organic in shapes and nature. We are likely to see some sort of unnatural lines, also a lot of geometric shapes. You can see the use of geometric shapes in design rather than the unstructured lines that you saw previously. So, consider using graphic geometric rugs in your space or maybe patterns looking like tiles with lots of contrast.

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