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How to Use Post Modern Design Style In Your Home


Alright, today we’ll be talking about how to use post-modern design style in your home. Firstly, what is post modern style? I really want to try to explain this because modern design is really what we call a mid-century modern design. This trend is a response to modern design. The modernists believe that form follows function. So that means that when you’re designing something, you should really look at the function of what it is for, and then you design the form. So if something is a dining chair, you take into account that it is a dining chair, and that is the purpose of what it is there for. It’s meant to be sat on that you can sit at a dining table. That is what is for, that’s a function. Postmodernism does not believe that. Postmodern says that’s boring, they say ‘’I wanna do something different, really kooky and abstract’’ So, if you are one of them, let’s see how you can adapt this style in your home easily.  

How to Use Post Modern Design Style In Your Home: Colour 

OK, my first post-modern tip is looking for colour in your design, right? I do think that if you’re going for classic post-modern look, I wouldn’t be afraid to throw in pops of colour, especially really bright, kooky colors. We’re talking about neon pink or blue. Retro colours like pastel green or burnt orange. Bringing those colours into your space can look really beautiful in a post-modern design. You can absolutely throw in pops of colour and really get creative with your colour choices. So have fun with colour, have fun with pattern looking for abstract details. So you don’t necessarily have to be locked into a geometric pattern. And you can have interesting florals or you can have more fun with the pattern as well. Furthermore, you don’t necessarily just have to use a pattern that repeats so regularly like you would see and say something like a modern design where we saw so many of those.  


How to Use Post Modern Design Style In Your Home: Go Asymmetrical 

My next tip for post-modern look is going be asymmetry. Symmetry is, if you split something right down the middle and you have two halves of the same thing. But I do think that asymmetry creates a really interesting look as well especially when it’s balanced. When you have sort of equal visual weight on both sides, it creates something really interesting and unique. And I really love symmetrical design, especially if you’re trying to create something funky. It doesn’t feel as formal, but feels a little bit more fun, and I think you know where I’m going with this. This is why this works so well in post-modern. Asymmetry is fun, interesting and dynamic as opposed to formality. So you want something that’s really balanced. Right? You don’t want something that feels really unbalanced where you have lots of stuff on one side but maybe you got a plain side on the other. The key point here is, of course balance. So, click here and take a look at our beautifully designed asymmetrical selections.

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