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Learn How to Measure for Curtains in 3 Easy Steps

Every now and then, you begin to take notice of your curtains. Maybe they’re tattered and old, or perhaps they are just not to your taste anymore. Hanging up new curtains can completely transform the look of a room and also lets you control how much light you want to let in the room. If you love your sunlight, go for light material like chiffon, or if you like the outside world to remain outside, there’s now a range of curtains available that completely block out all light. The prospects of selecting the material and pattern might be exciting, but one fundamental step will likely stop you in your tracks. How do you know which size of curtains to order?

Unlike clothes, curtains do not have standard sizes, and you have to give particular dimensions to the business to ensure your curtains fit your window. The length can be a matter of taste. However, there are plenty of other dimensions to measure if you want to order new curtains. If you are ordering curtains for the first time, it can get overwhelming. We have simplified the process into three simple steps. Measuring for curtains is a breeze if you use our easy-to-follow guide.

1) Measure Your Window to Buy the Correct Size of Curtain Pole

A curtain pole is essential as it is where you hang your curtains. Use a measuring tape to measure the width of your window. Curtain rods usually extend 30-40 cm past a window frame. Add those extra centimeters to your measured width to get the perfectly sized curtain rod for your window frame.

2) Measure for the Length of the Curtains

The length of the curtain depends on the look you want, as there are several curtain lengths that are used. There are three commonly used lengths of curtains: the ones that end above the window sill, the ones that end below the window sill, and the floor length curtain. Therefore, you need your measuring tape to measure from the curtain rod to your required length.

3) Measure for the Width of the Curtains

Curtains are gathered at the top. Therefore, they are almost double the width of the curtain rod. Measure the width of the curtain rod, and double the measurement, keeping into account the different ways in which curtains are gathered. The final measurement depends on how fuller you want your curtains. Wider curtains have a more luxurious feel and can easily block out light.

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