How to Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

Hey, today’s topis, which is so self explanatory, is ‘’ How to Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like A Home’’. – Because school season is getting closer, and some of us might be living in dorms. While talking about this topic, we will not use our rugs as reference only. We aim to give a few practical different decoration tips as well.  Because dorm rooms have several big responsibilities. They’re meant to be your own personal hub for studying, working, relaxing, and socializing. These tips will transform dorms into sanctuaries cozy enough for getting a good night’s sleep. 

How to Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home: Get Closer to White Palette 

It’s no secret that dorms are typically tiny, but that’s where the power of illusion comes in. With the right patterns and colour palette, a cramped space can instantly feel bright and airy. A playful wallpaper can help break the room into sections while still maintaining the flow and openness. Additionally, an accent white rug is a brilliant way to cover up not-so-cute carpeting or cold, hard floors. 

Create a Consistency with Colours 

Consistency is key to transforming a dorm from a replica of every other room in the hall to something that feels just like you. This living situation has pretty bursts of pink on the walls, bed, and even the carpet to create a well-put-together theme. Too many colours or not settling on one theme can make things feel a little erratic and neither relaxing nor well organized. In a nutshell, when decorating your room, make sure that the colours in your are in a harmony. 


How to Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home: A Relaxing Ambiance 

As we just mentioned above, Colours can have a big impact on how a room feels, and more importantly, how you feel while being in it. This space is a shining example of how restorative and tranquil a blue space can appear. Coordinate rugs, artwork, pillows, and bedding to craft a space that will instantly helping you decompress upon entering. If your dorm or apartment allows for painting, take advantage of this and choose a shade that brings you joy or a sense of calm. 



Storage can be found in many unique places in dorms, including under the bed. Replace the standard drawers or the bins already in the room with stylish baskets to make the space feel more like you and much more home-like. The different sets of drawers and baskets in this dorm are neutral, but the slightly beige tone helps warm the space up. 

Alright, everyone! The scene. 

Hopefully, the blog of ‘’ How to Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like A Home’’ has been helpful for you. 


The Best Outdoor Rugs that Will Transform Your Patio

Hey, today we’ll be talking about the best outdoor rugs that will transform your patio almost with one click. With every passing day, the sun is shining later into the evening and the weather is getting warmer. So if you’re planning to spend as much time as possible outside for the next few months, it’s high time to spruce up your outdoor space. The first order of business? A great outdoor area rug. Design pros insist that a rug is just as important outdoors as indoors. Even with the perfect outdoor design plans, packed with outdoor furniture, dreamy string lights, and a lush garden of plants, your space will still need a rug to pull it all together. The good news is that outdoor rugs are typically as affordable their indoor counterparts on our website, meaning you won’t have to drop a small fortune to complete your outdoor beauty.



Our outdoor rugs are made of durable water-resistant materials. This makes them safe for all weather conditions and surfaces like wood and stone because they don’t absorb or hold water.

It also means they’re super easy to wipe clean or even spray off with a garden hose.  You’ll first want to consider your rug’s materials. Our materials are easier to clean than others and require different types of care. Beyond basic water resistance, you should lookout for a fade-resistant UV coating that will protect the rug from sun damage. However, you won’t need to look any further to find a rug that ticks all these boxes.

Ecology Collection Outdoor Rugs in Black | 100bl

This traditional outdoor rug has an intricately detailed medallion pattern and is available in diferrent colours like this orange and blue option. It is fade, weather, and stain-resistant. It’s also one of our best seller outdoor rugs.

Ecology Collection Outdoor Rugs in Orange

This graphic outdoor rug will add a bold modern flair to your outdoor space. The pattern will add interest to any color scheme.

Magic Collection Outdoor Rugs in Cream | 3610

This large 100% polypropylene area rug will hold up to the elements for months if not years. Simply hose down the rug to clear off any dirt and debris.

Moroccan Outdoor Area Rug

In a classic Moroccan trellis print, this rug stands up beautifully in high-traffic areas.

Of course, these are some of the examples. In a nutshell, our versatile outdoor rugs are multifunctional: their colourful designs and stripes bring a refreshing variation in the gardens, patio, conservatory or even sometimes indoors. Rather than other outdoor rugs made of plastic, these rugs are more durable in any conditions thanks to 100% Polypropylene material. They are both resistant to moisture and dirt can simply be wiped clean or hose off. Actually, that’s why we call them the the best outdoor rugs that will transform your patio.

How to Decorate Your Room with Black

How to Decorate Your Room with Black

Heads up, today we are talking about how to decorate your room with black. ‘Cause it is such an interesting colour. It creates such a really special space. It is dramatic, sexy and elegant. It is always so cool to be able to decorate your space even if you don’t want to commit to a full black dark moody room. You could at least sort of play a little bit with some black accents. In this blog, I’m going to give you some of my tips on how you can decorate with black in your own home.

Paint Your Walls with Black

Sometimes people are really scared to use black on the walls which I totally understand but honestly you shouldn’t be all that scared. I know we might be sort of afraid that it’s going to draw in a space and make it feel really small. Sometimes you want a space to feel really cosy. You might want a space to feel little bit more cave like but in a good way. If so, black is really great at doing that because it draws the walls in a little bit and makes it feel really cosy. Another reason I love black in a room is that black is really good at providing contrast.  This way, you can create a gorgeous focal point. So, for example, if you happen to paint your walls in black and put a white, creamy or beige rug in your space, you will effortlessly be able to create a focal point, which will feel a lot more interesting for your room.

Match Your Blacks

What you also can do is to coordinate black colour in your space. So if you see our blog on ‘’How to Make Your Place Feel More Cohesive’’ you’ll know that rhythm and repetition in your space is really important at being able to guide your eye around the room. You can mix blacks. So, examples of that would be if you have black patterned cushions, you can mix and match them with a black patterned rug. You’ve got the lighting fixtures in a living room for another example. Even for your bathroom, you could choose a matte black faucet, towel holder, door handle and again you can match them with black rug. All these different elements together make a place feel a lot more cohesive. 

Use Black Accents

Next tip for you is to consider adding black but through different textures that you wouldn’t otherwise expect. Because I know some people can be extremely nervous of using the black all around the room. So, these tips might be really helpful for you if you are also one of them. So, I think you can bring black in a lot more of a textual way.  Because sometimes, black like white can sometimes feel a little flat and a little bit sort of one dimensional. Once you add on different textures, you’re starting to create a lot more aspects. Summary of this bit would be, you don’t necessarily need to use the black as the main colour. However, you can bring the black scattered in small pieces on different options. This means you can get a black & white coloured rug again: or instead of painting your wall completely in black, you can add black accents or moulding on it. Thus, it just makes it look a lot more dynamic and a lot more interesting again. But don’t limit yourself with cushions, curtains or paints only. You can even get black electronical devices which will look complementary. At the end of the day, you will have created a very cohesive look in your space.


5 Bathroom Remodel Tips and Advice

Hiya, today we’re talking about the 5 Bathroom Remodel Tips and Advice. ‘Cause bathrooms are the number one place that homeowners love to remodel, even more than kitchens. Bathrooms are smaller than kitchens, making the job easier and faster. Plus, this reduced space means reduced cost: less flooring and paint, fewer cabinets, and countertop.

Follow these tips to make your bathroom remodel more attractive while keeping the process smooth, efficient, and cost-effective.


Add Plants for Living Color

Plants in the bathroom should not be an afterthought. Plants bring much-needed color into sterile bathrooms.

Consider adding a floating shelf expressly for the purpose of giving your trailing plants a cozy home.


Adjust Room Size With Color


To make a small bathroom look bigger, make sure that your color palette stays in the white-or-light color spectrum.

Dark colors make the room feel smaller, claustrophobic. Use white or light-colored items and fixtures (that is, the toilet and bathtub). Always think twice about painting your bathroom ceiling any color but white or off-white, as this tends to shrink the room down even more.


Bathroom Lighting Matters

In a room where people need to visually inspect their hair and faces, lighting is usually very dim and concentrated only in one spot—namely, from a ceiling fixture.

At the very least, consider adding lighting around the bathroom mirror in the form of sconces. But blinding light is not always wanted.


Include More Mirrors in the Bathroom


Most people think of mirrors in bathrooms only for the purpose of checking makeup or hair.

But it’s also important to think of mirrors in bathrooms as design elements that expand the room visually and add light to the room. Many homeowners like to add a second mirror in addition to the primary mirror located above the bathroom sink.

In small bathrooms, use large-format mirrors that span the entire wall.


Pop Some Colour

However, if neutral tones are not favourite, you can add some vibrant colours. Especially if your bathroom is slight bigger, you can comfortably use this pop kind of colours. Our washable shaggy collection might be a good fit that you’re looking for. If I need to summarise the advantages shortly:

Washable Shaggy Rug for Bathroom and Bedroom can be washable at 30 degrees. A fluffy, tightly woven, the WASHABLE SHAGGY rugs are a declaration of love for the senses. With a plain colour and its ultra-soft pile, it provides a very soft feel and feels incredibly velvety. It is a high-quality home accessory that is very easy to care for.

The 35 mm reinforced pile does not shed. Its slip-resistant latex and also being suitable for underfloor heating makes it useful for every home. Pink Washable Shaggy Rug for Bathroom Bedroom is made of 100% polypropylene is lint-free and hard-wearing. You will never get enough of this rug. With various sizes and colours, you will bring a high-quality living accessory into your interiors and radiates a lot of warmth and cosiness.

  • Ultra Fluffy Thick Shag Pile
  • Long-lasting colour
  • Machine Washable and Easy to care for.
  • Suitable for bedroom, bathroom, hallways, nursery and any other rooms.
  • Durable polypropylene construction.
  • Available in 7 colours and 6 sizes


Alright, everyone! That’s the end of our ‘’ 5 Bathroom Remodel Tips and Advice ‘’ 

Hope that’s been helpful for you, see you until the next one.

Lifesaver Tips About the Rugs

Hey, today we are again collecting the lifesaver tips about rugs. Instead of focusing on one type, today we are being extra gentle and going through both indoor and outdoor rugs! Cause why not? Since we are in a season where we can and do enjoy both sides of our lovely homes, we’ve thought it might be useful to look at the simple but lifesaver informations. Whether you have a big patio or balcony, don’t skip them. 

Can outdoor rugs get wet? 

In a nutshell, at least our outdoor rugs, it’s %100 yes. Whether it’s rain, spill or mud, outdoor rugs are completely resistant. Since it’s made of a material called Polypropylene, it won’t cause any smell, residue or damage on your floor. All you need to do is leave them to dry. If it gets dirty, you can easily clean it with a hose or a wet cloth. 

Can you leave an outdoor rug out in the rain? 

Firstly, they are not waterproof. However, as I have just mentioned above, they are completely water-resistant. If you leave them outside during the rain, they will absorb much less water than indoor rugs do. Furthermore, they will get dry a lot faster after getting wet. Thanks to their materials and extra protections, outdoor rugs are literally designed to survive harsh conditions. It means you can comfortably leave them outside and keep on chilling. 


Do outdoor rugs get mouldy? 

As they are weather and water-resistant, they won’t lead any kind of mildew to grow. However, we have a bonus tip for you; within time, because of the wind and rain, some dust and general grime may accumulate on them since they will be outside probably all the time. If you’d like to be on the safe side, some basic household items may be more than helpful. You can gently wipe them with dish soap, with vinegar or baking soda. Or you can even go with water only. Then, leaving them to dry by themselves for a while will be enough.  

How to stop a rug from moving on the carpet 

When you walk over the rug, your weight will push the carpet in the same direction you are moving into. Especially, if you place your rug in a high-traffic area where the household, children or pets spend time most of the time, it’s more likely that your rug will be more in the movement. However, to be able to stop that you don’t need to do something extra or creative. If you get the rug pad as almost big as your rug, place it under the rug, the rug pad will stop the rug from moving. Here, you won’t have to stress over your pets or children running over your rug. 


Can you put a rug on carpet? 

First things first, yes! More than yes, it might be a win-win situation for you. You can reduce the risk of the carpet’s wearing and tearing where you have a lot of foot traffic, often in hallways, living rooms or entryways. Also, that might be an affordable and easy way for you to cover any carpet damage such as holes or stains. One more bonus tip for you; if you want to place a rug on your carpet, there is one thing you need to be careful of in terms of design. You should find the balance between your carpet and rug. I mean, if your carpet is highly patterned or has vibrant colours, you might want to choose a more minimal or plain rug. That logic also works the other way around. 


So, here we are at the finish line of today’s blog. Hope that’s been helpful for you. 


How to Clean an Area Rug

Even if the topic of ‘’ How to Clean an Area Rug’’ might look pretty simple, it’s still one of the most searched topics on Google. Especially when the summer is here completely, which means there might be more traffic, people partying at home & on the patio, we thought it might be useful to have a look at it.

Before jumping into the topic, if you have a shaggy rug that has longer and fluffier piles, don’t forget to have a look at this blog as well.

Before jumping into the topic, if you have a shaggy rug that has longer and fluffier piles, don’t forget to have a look at this blog as well.

Area rugs add a decorator touch to a room, help define spaces, and add warmth underfoot. Whether they are made from wool, natural grasses, or synthetic fibers, eventually they will need to be cleaned. Cleaning an area rug on any type of floor—including hardwood floor, wall-to-wall carpeting, and tile—is a bit more complex than just cleaning the rug where it sits. Protecting the floor underneath, particularly for hardwood floors (which are easily damaged) and carpet (which can absorb water or cleansing agents and not dry properly), is just as important as cleaning the rug properly.

How Often to Clean an Area Rug

An area rug should be vacuumed at least weekly, ideally, several times weekly to keep dust and dirt from penetrating deeper into the fibers and to lift matted fibers. If grit and dirt are allowed to dig down into the fibers, the backing can become damaged and, if you have them, even hardwoods beneath can end up with scratches.

Liquid spills and pet accidents must be cleaned up immediately. The moisture can seep through the rug and the protective pad underneath the floor. The moisture will be trapped and, depending on the flooring underneath, leave watermarks on the wood that can be very difficult to remove or stain the wall-to-wall carpeting below the area rug.
Every area rug should be thoroughly cleaned at least twice per year and more often if foot traffic is heavy.


How to Clean an Area Rug


Vacuum Away Dirt

Whether preparing to do a thorough cleaning or just routine care, vacuum the rug with a vacuum that features a carpet beater bar to loosen and suck away dirt. If the rug is small enough, vacuum the top and then turn the rug over to vacuum the underside.

If possible, take the pad outside and give it a good shake and vacuum or dust mop the floor under the area rug.


Remove Odors on Area Rugs

To both brighten and remove odors from an area rug, sprinkle the entire surface liberally with baking soda. If the pile is long or plush, use a sponge mop to gently work the baking soda down into the fibers to the backing.

Let the baking soda remain on the carpet for several hours-overnight is best—and then vacuum it away. The baking soda will absorb odors and the gently abrasive nature can loosen any soil to be vacuumed away.


Interior Design Ideas For Inspiration

Hi, today’s topic is: Interior Design Ideas For Inspiration

Because there’s something to be said about a well-judged and elevated living room or common room. We’re looking at easy to manage practices to boost one of the most often used rooms in your home. Luxurious living room interior design isn’t always about investing in the most expensive things.

It’s possible to make your living room look more luxurious without spending a fortune. As the central feature of your home and often the first thing that visiting guests see, your living room should reflect your taste and personality.


Interior Design Ideas For Inspiration: Introduce Unexpected Textiles

One easy way to transform the look of your living room is to go about decorating it with interesting textiles via colorful vintage carpets, area rugs, throw pillows, cushions, and more. And there’s no need to spend hundreds of pounds on nice-looking textiles. 

Make sure that when you select a major textile like a statement-making rug. It strikes a chord with the overall look and color scheme of your interior design.  Opt for pieces that boast an interesting print. This way the textiles unusual design will inject a unique element in your room. It will make it appear more personalized and luxurious. 

Interior Design Ideas For Inspiration: Play With Mixes

There’s fun when playing with juxtapositions of texture, color, and shape in order to come up with the effect that you want for your space. When done well, mixing different materials and textures is one of the best living room design ideas to help make your space look elegant. So, try to mix variety of textiles, colours and other decorative items to achieve a more inviting look.

Although a thoughtful mix of textures can make your home interiors look luxurious, be careful when incorporating various dynamic elements in your living room. Make sure you considerately select each piece and material with an edited eye. Try to let each piece work together and complement each other’s color and design. Otherwise, it might make your living room look chaotic, which totally defeats the purpose of creating a luxurious living room interior design. For instance, you can combine the softness of velvet upholstery with the grainy earthy texture of a wooden coffee table. By playing textures off of each other, you’ll work to create a feeling of depth in your interior design that evokes a brilliantly edited, varied mix.

Alright folks! The blog of Living Room Interior Design Ideas For Inspiration is it. Hope that’s been helpful.


How to Flatten a Rug

Cheers everyone, let’s talk about how to flatten a rug today. No matter it’s an outdoor or indoor rug. You finally found the perfect area rug  and can’t wait to unroll it when it arrives. So then imagine your dismay when you discover that the rug is completely bent, curled, wrinkled, or otherwise misshapen. Wrinkles and creases can also occur if you’re pulling a rug that has been rolled or folded out of storage.

For most rugs, being rolled up for an extended period of time means that it will require a little bit of “training” in order to lie flat again. But never fear – we’ve rounded up the best ways to reshape your new area rug so it completes your home.

Let it Settle

Okay, so the first suggestion is kind of a lazy one. But, depending on the condition of the rug, it might just work. If you’ve just unrolled a brand new area rug and it simply has some ripples from packing or shipping, usually if you smooth it down as flat as you possibly can and leave it alone for a day or two, the fibers will relax and the rug will start to flatten out on its own.

In some cases, gravity and patience are all you’ll need to get your rug in perfect shape. But for best results, try placing the rug on a hard floor while it relaxes, even if you eventually plan to use it on a carpet.


Back-Roll it

In some cases, you won’t need to wait more than a couple of minutes to get your rug ready for placement in your home. Sometimes if you unroll the carpet and then roll it again in the opposite direction, that’s all you’ll need for it to lie flat. If this trick doesn’t work right away, you can also let the rolled carpet sit for a day or two before unrolling it again the other way.

Flip it Over

Most new rugs will have at least some curl on the edges when you first unroll it. And then, even when the rest of the rug relaxes, the corners still won’t lie flat. In that case, your next step depends on which way the corners are curling. If they’re curling upward, fold them slightly under and leave it alone for a day or two. But if they’re curling under, you’ll want to either flip the rug over and curl the corners under, or simply weigh down each corner with a heavy object (books, a piece of furniture, etc.) to help force the carpet fibers to relax.

Alright, in a nutshell, we tried to give you some easy but useful tips about how to flatten a rug. Hope that helps. That’s all for now 😍


How to Clean a Shag Rug

Hi folks, today we are talking about how to clean a shag rug. Since the summer has come, we might have more traffic and action at home. I thought this information might be helpful.

Shag rugs are back in style and even more spectacular than the 1970s versions. More often sold as an area rug than wall-to-wall carpeting, designers have embraced different materials, from wool to leather, and every color imaginable. Shag rugs add a designer touch and are also warm and cozy underfoot—a decorating win-win.

Because of the long, plushy pile, shag rugs do require more maintenance than thinner, flatter rugs to look good. The long fibers trap more dust and dirt than flatter weaves. Fortunately, the cleaning of shag rugs isn’t difficult, it just requires a bit of time.


How Often to Clean a Shag Rug

Ideally, a shag or frieze pile rug that receives regular foot traffic should be vacuumed daily to keep the pile fluffy and to remove dust and debris, especially if you have pets. Realistically, vacuuming a couple of times a week should keep the rug clean.

Spills and stains should be blotted away as quickly as possible and spot-treated. A more thorough deep cleaning is recommended monthly or as needed.


Routine Shag Rug Cleaning

Shake Away the Dirt

If the rug is small enough to pick up easily, take it outside and give it a good shake. Another way to get rid of dust and dirt trapped in the fibers is to drape the rug over a railing or sturdy clothesline and beat it with a broom or something like that. An amazing amount of soil will be released.


Vacuum the Rug

The best way to vacuum a shag rug is by using a canister vacuum with the hose and upholstery attachment: The more gentle suction will keep the rug loops from being pulled too harshly.

If you only have an upright vacuum, set the cleaning head to the highest pile setting and disengage the beater bar. If your vacuum cannot make these adjustments, do not use it on a shag rug.

With the proper vacuum settings in place, suction out the dust and dirt. Work in a grid, overlapping each stroke to produce the best results.

Turn the rug over and change the vacuum settings to the lowest pile setting, engage the beater bar, and vacuum the underside to trap embedded dirt. Don’t forget to vacuum the flooring beneath the rug, too.


Lift the Pile

If the pile isn’t as fluffy as you’d like, use your hands, a carpet rake, or a child’s plastic garden rake to lift the fibers. Be gentle—no tugging!


Everything You Should Know about Outdoor Rugs

As we are officially in summer finally, everything you should know about outdoor rugs are almost in this blog. Whether you want to spend your time in your patio, balcony, on your deck or next to your pool, our outdoor rugs are more than a good-looking rug. It’s functional, durable and affordable at the same time. When you place our rug on your deck, good news, you won’t have to sacrifice your deck that you’ve probably spent a good amount of money on! Furthermore, it will add and reflect a piece of your character into your garden. So, boost effect and positivity of the summer baby.

Is it OK to put an outdoor rug on a wooden deck?
Firstly, the outdoor rugs that trap in water will definitely damage wood decks. For instance natural fibers such as jute and sisal will trap in water. However, since our outdoor rugs are made out of polypropylene, that is a great material for outdoors as it is fade and stain resistant, won’t give any damage to your wooden deck.  


Can you leave outdoor rugs outside?
Our outdoor rugs are water and weather resistant. Simply put, they barely absort water, they dry a lot quicker after getting wet. Thanks to these characteristics outdoor rugs can be left outside and stay outside even in the rain.


Is a polypropylene rug waterproof?

Because of its ability to absorb, polypropylene makes for a great waterproof outdoor rug. Furthermore, it will not grow mold or mildew when exposed to water – strengthening its durability. It means it won’t damage your patio or cause any smell.

We might have to spend a lot of time when trying to decide on outdoor furniture and items. As much as our indoor pieces should be completing and in harmony with another, an outdoor rug should take on the same functionality. So, before and after buying, you should make sure you are ticking all the boxes. Down below, I will shortly list some of the basic points about what you should and NOT do: 



  • Do find an outdoor rug style/design that will compelete your outside decoration.
  • Do use a rug pad with your outdoor rug.
  • Do measure your space and be careful about the size and shape you imagine.
  • Do choose an outdoor rug that accents the space it’s going to inhabit.



  • Don’t directly bring your outdoor rug into your indoor space; you might need to get rid of the dust and residues first.
  • Don’t be afraid of being brave when choosing an outdoor rug that has vibrant colours. Besides colours, repetitive or different patterns as well can be ideal
  • Don’t forget to measure your space before buying or have a look at our size guide on the product page.


Alright folks, these are the the quick and important information for outdoor rugs.