Victorian and Modern Decoration Ideas

Today, we are listing some of the “Victorian and Modern Decoration Ideas“ for you. 

Although vastly different from the Scandinavian and minimalist design trends that have dominated the past decade, Victorian design and decor aesthetic has consistently remained a well-loved, if ornamental, style since its inception in the 1830s during the reign of Queen Victoria. 

Traditional Victorian spaces tend to be compartmentalised and often dark, which lends to them feeling cramped and outdated but the good news is that there are some easy ways to bring a Victorian sensibility into modern decor today. We spoke to experts about how to embrace a modern Victorian aesthetic in your home. 

Victorian and Modern Decoration Ideas: Focus on Details & Crafts 

While most of us don’t have time to hand-embroider textiles or crochet doilies like they did back in the 18th century, we can still infuse a high level of craft into the décor. Look for decorative elements that use today’s artistry or technology in an ornamental way. Examples of this might include laser-cut textiles or artisan made furniture. The idea is to steer clear of mass-produced finishes and furnishings in favour of the well-crafted. 


Victorian and Modern Decoration Ideas: Reflect Your Own Personal Style 

Creating the perfect modern Victorian home is all about incorporating your own personal style with both Victorian and modern styles in a way that feels like it represents your personality. There really isn’t a wrong way to do Victorian style as long as you mix both Victorian and modern styles together in a way that you actually like. 

Choose the Bold Colours 

Victorian style also typically includes more colour than modern styles, so consider painting your room a rich, darker colour, say the experts. Some of the best options are burgundy, navy, olive green or mustard. 

Embrace the Clutter and Leave It Behind 

There are two types of storage and you need to use both for the perfect balance. First, you have hidden storage, such as cabinets, to store all the unsightly clutter items you don’t need to see. Second, there’s styling storage, such as carefully curated shelves, whose main purpose is to display the objects you love and make you happy. 


Get the Attention to the Floor 

Dramatic flooring is key to getting modern Victorian style down. Consider a bold tile or dark hued flooring for maximum effect. If you’re renting or looking for a lower commitment solution, opt for a dramatic carpet or printed or patterned rug. 

Mix the Colours 

Consider combining the original structure and personality of your home with more modern features, such as wall panelling or colourblocking. Colourblocking the space above or below existing features will be an easy and inexpensive way to add interest to your space. This type of treatment will not only make a statement to guests but will also draw the eye upwards, making your high ceilings appear even taller. 

Alright, everyobdy! This is the end of our blog for today! These are the Victorian and Modern Decoration Ideas in a nutshell. 

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